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The only way her vehicle can become repossesed is if she missed a payment.

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Q: I have a friend whom has a Leased Vehicle they tried to repo her car because of ONE unpaid parking ticket?
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How can you get your car back you leased to a former friend that defaulted on the payment?

Hopefully, you had the good sense to put a lien on that vehicle. You can have a recovery agent repossess the car.

What do I do if I got a parking ticket in someone else's vehicle?

Give your friend the money for the ticket. They still have to pay the ticket, but at least in MD there are no points assessed against them since it isn't a moving violation.

What will happen to me if my friend borrows my car and they don't have a license or any insurance and get pulled over by the police?

Your Friend Will get multiple traffic tickets for driving without insurance and without a drivers license. If your friend has an at fault accident. The other party or his insurer can sue both you and your friend for any and all damages incurred. They can sue your friend because he was the driver and they can sue you because you are the owner of the vehicle who allowed him to drive your vehicle. .

How do you find true value of a 2002 leased jetta tdi that will be bought from friend in october for 14500 plus taxes?

How to register a car for a friend?

You don't. Let your friend register his own vehicle.

Can a friend register and drive your vehicle?

Not in Massachusetts

Can your friend add you to her auto insurance?

Yes, If your are driving your friends vehicle then they are required to schedule you for coverage, otherwise you would be an uninsured driver. If you are asking can your friend add you and your vehicle then that would depend on what your friends financial interest is in your vehicle. If your friend has no insurable interest in your vehicle then it would be unlawful for them to add it to their policy. But they can certainly and are in fact required to add you to their policy if you are driving the friends owned vehicle.

What can you do if you are hit by another driver and got their license number and the police charged them but their insurance will not pay because the owner says a friend was driving the vehicle?

It shouldn't matter who was driving. The insurance company is responsible for the VEHICLE not the driver.

If you lend a friend your vehicle and they get a DUI can you get into trouble?

Yes, of course!

1992 grand marquis gear shift stuck in park?

If you have to apply the brake before you shift out of park, check the fuses. If it doesn't have the interlock, rock the vehicle back and forth, if you are physically capable; if not, get a friend or neighbor to help. While rocking the vehicle, GENTLY try to move the gear shifter. It sounds as if the parking pawl has to much tension on it.BE EXTREMELY CAREFUL DOING THIS IF THE VEHICLE IS ON A GRADE

How do you retrieve my vehicle from a friend who will not give it back?

If your friend refuses to return it then you must contact the police for theft.

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