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I have a malfunctioning Headlight drivers side on a 2002 Bravada I have changged the bulbs twice also checked replaced the fuses Could this be a relay problem And which one do I need to consider?


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I suspect you may have a bad connector on the feed wire(s) that lead to that side.I have replaced those wires on this model and it may be a simple connection problem. You will need to remove the washer tank and air filter housing to get a clear view of it. Take a circuit tester to help trace down the problem. I suspect you will find it between the firewall and light ;not under the dash. I disagree... Looking at the wiring diagram for this vehicle, I see that the connection from the headlight switch goes to the right side lamps, not the left. There is then a a pair of "jumper wires" going from the right side to the left side lamps. So I would look for a bad connection/broken wire, etc. between the right (working) headlight and the left (dead) headlights in this jumper wire. This connection goes from the RH light (ahead of the battery) to the LH side light (under the airbox) behind the grill or radiator shroud. One other posibility... The right hand lamps are directly grounded to the frame, but the LH lamps are grounded through the daytime running light relay. So a bad daytime running lamp relay would also cause the right hand side to work, but not the LH side. Check by using a test light or DMM going from the hot side connector and a frame ground. If you see voltage from connector to ground, but not from connector to socket ground wire (dark blue wire) its the relay. veeguy