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I have an 80 TA with 301 if you put a Chevy 350 in would everything line up and would the shaker scoop fit properly on the motor and through the shaker hood?



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You have change the transmission if it is an auto. or the bell housing if its a stick. the shaker hood depends on what intake manifold -carb combo you use, some of the hirise intakes won't clear for the scoop.

This swap is done a lot...but does take some work. Frame mounts for the engine have to be swapped, the wiring will be on the opposite side of the engine, the exhaust pipes will not line up with the Chevy exhaust manifolds, the transmission will have to be changed to a Chevy bolt pattern trans. And no....the shaker scoop would probably not fit. The scoops and bases were different for the Chevy, Olds, and Pontiac engines. I found this out the hard way after someone stole my scoop. Wasted a lot of money on ones that didn't fit.