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It's probably the alternator. A battery is only an electrical storage device. It stores electrical energy so that the vehicle can be started next time you want to go someplace. If the alternator isn't converting some of the engine's energy into electical energy, the battery ends up running everything until it eventually just runs out of energy. If you test the alternator and find that it's not functioning, a new alternator may be able to put enough of a charge back into your battery so that you can continue to use it. Unfortunately, an older battery will often fail completely once it is allowed to discharge completely. When you "Jump start" the car you are putting a small amount of electrical energy into the battery, just enough to run the vehicle for a few minutes. Next time you get it started, go directly to an auto parts retailer such as Checker, Kragen or Auto Zone, then have them test the alternator for you. If it doesn't work at all, you'll know to replace the alternator and maybe they can even talk you through doing it yourself. It really isn't that difficult for most vehicles.

2006-07-31 21:11:40
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Your 1997 Mazda 626 will not start after an alternator malfunction why?

Battery will be flat because spark plugs were running straight off your battery because the alternator was not charging your battery as you were driving. You can test this by jump starting your car with another car and after your car is running you should be able to disconnect your battery and car should still run off the alternator. If your car stops than your alternator is RS. Battery will be flat because spark plugs were running straight off your battery because the alternator was not charging your battery as you were driving. You can test this by jump starting your car with another car and after your car is running you should be able to disconnect your battery and car should still run off the alternator. If your car stops than your alternator is RS.

Why won't 2001 ranger start without a jump but will stay running?

Sounds like a dead battery. You need the battery to start the car, but once it is running the engine runs completely off of the alternator (which also recharges the battery if the battery is still good).

Will jump starting a dead truck battery drain a car battery?

If the donor vehicle is running and has a properly functioning alternator, no.

Can starting a car recharge a battery?

If the alternator is in good condition, it should provide a charge to the battery while the engine is running and it will recharge if the battery is also in good condition. The act of starting the car actually discharges the battery.

Why would a car be completely dead with no lights electronics or ignition after it was just running fine?

The only thing that comes to mind in a situation where a car that was running a short time ago and now is COMPLETELY DEAD is a failure of the battery or the primary cables/connections. I'd begin by checking the cable connections at the ends on the battery. The ends at the battery are more prone to failure than the other ends, but check both ends of the cables starting at the battery side. One would be wise to do this with caution, or, if lacking sufficient expertise, with some help.

Why is your car not starting and the battery keeps dying?

Possibly a bad alternator. The Alternator charges the battery when the vehicle is running. If the battery is not being charged this could cause the vehicle not to start.

Can you charge a dead car battery that is disconnected from the car with another running car?


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How do to open the seat on a Honda metro with a dead battery?

Try jump starting the engine. Get it running then try to open it.

How do I recharge a car battery?

Car batteries recharge themselves while your car is running. However, if your battery is dead, you must jump the battery using a battery jumper box or jumper cables attached to another vehicles's battery.

Why do you not get 14 volts when running but the battery never dies?

Your putting a charge on the battery when its running.

Why would extreme cold cause a car battery to die when car is not running?

Extreme cold by itself will not cause battery failure. If the battery is discharged for any reason, such as the alternator did not fully charge the battery last time the engine was run, perhaps something was left ON last time the engine was running or possibly even the battery had an internal short, then another condition can enter into the situation. A battery cell can freeze and crack the case if the cell is allowed to completely discharge. Also, if the cell completely discharges then sits for a period of time, the plates in the cell can "sulphate", making them unable to ever take a charge again. Understand that a battery is nothing more than a storage device. It does not MAKE electricity, it only stores what was produced by the alternator.

If the alternator is bad and the car dies will it prevent the car from starting to protect the battery?

no the car wont start because the battery is dead, it was discharged by running it and not being recarged by the alt

Why is your 1988 Chevrolet truck with a 305 engine running of the battery only and not the alternator?

If it is running on the battery only then that means the alternator is not charging the battery.

Why would your car battery keep running down and the car is not being used?

A dead cell in the battery will cause this. Also, any light that is on pulling power from the battery. Another possibility is a stuck relay.

Why would a battery drain while car is not running?

A light in your car might be on, running down the battery!!

How do i know if it is the battery or the alternator?

Remove the Negative (black) battery terminal while the vehicle is running and if the vehicle dies then it's the alternator, if it stays running then it's the battery. Although this method isn't guaranteed it's usually accurate. DO NOT REMOVE THE POSITIVE terminal (red) from the battery while it's running. It could cause a spark and make the battery explode. Another way is to drive to Autozone or Advanced Auto and ask them to test it. They'll do it for free.

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Should your car stay running when you take the pos battery termanal off?

A battery is used to start a car. Once it is running, the alternator then supplies electrical energy to charge the battery as well as power the electrical systems in the car. Removing the battery while the car is running will not affect the running of the car.

Does a car have to be moving to charge the battery?

No , for the battery to be charged the engine must be running . This means that your alternator , if it's functioning properly , is charging the car's battery as the engine is on/running .

Will a car running hot cause battery to die?

No, that will have no effect on the battery.

Why does battery die when your truck is running?

Your alternator is not recharging the battery and is defective.

If the car battery dies because the door was left ajar will just boosting the battery and running the car be enough or do you need a new battery?

It should come back after running the engine if the battery is good.

What would cause the battery light to blink in a 2000 Ford F250 diesel truck?

battery light on 2000 f250 will blink if battery is not properly charged. an example is if you have been sitting all day with stereo olaying and engine not running, you have run battery down some. after starting engine and driving, the battery light will blink while alternator charges until battery is fully charged i have only experienced this at night when lights are on creating extra load for alternator ,after running battery down with stereo all day