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First of all, you need to buy your laptop a wireless internet card. any will do.. as long as it's made for laptops.. Once you do that, you need to get a broadband connection.. if the broadband connection you get already comes with a modem wich casts a wireless signal, you're good to go, all you would need to do is install the wireless card in you pc. If your broadband modem does not cast a wireless signal THEN you would need to buy a router wich casts a wireless signal and connect the router to your broadband modem. And that's it

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Q: I have dell laptop which is not blue tooth enabled what components do i need to surf anywhere in my home wirless understanding i dont have a desktop if i get broadband?
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the components of WINDOWS desktop are: icon, taskbar and background

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A desktop computers maiin components are a monitor, a keyboard, a mouse and a CPU. Additional components can be a modem, a printer, a scanner and speakers.

Are mother boards hard to instal in a desktop?

It is quite complicated to install a motherboard. You need to have a good understanding of the components in a computer, and how they all work together.

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Absolutely! Almost all desktop components are able to be replaced.

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my computer,start menu,task bar, recycle been, my document, my network plase are the basic components of windows desktop

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A monitor is the viewing screen, a desktop consists of your cpu, computer components.

What can give a user access to his or her windows desktop from anywhere on the internet?

Remote Desktop - A+ pg 960

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You can upgrade the components of an Alienware desktop using the expansion slots for the sound card,network card, USB, hard drive, and much more.

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The difference between a desktop computer and a is in the components. A desktop is just a computer while a workstation will contain all the basic components used in an office like a computer, telephone, printer and so much more.

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The desktop version is one in which certain server components are not installed because the desktop version is viewed as a personal user system, unlike a server.

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Having purchased a NETGEAR Modem Router DG834GT I am trying to use it in conjunction with a desktop & a laptop. The desktop is connected to Broadband. The Desktp & Laptop have been configured for both Broadband & the NETGEAR system. My problem is with the actual connections between the wifi router & the existing broadband arrangement Can you advise?

How do you access the online desktop?

To access the online desktop, one must install an internet desktop program, such as Log Me In or Desktop Live. The programs allow users to access their computer from anywhere.

Two advantages a desktop has over a laptop?

* Much cheaper components - desktop components don't have to be as small, so they don't have to be as expensive. * They can last many years - It's not unusual for a desktop to last for 10 years, if cared for. Most individual components can be easily replaced when they go bad in a desktop, but a laptop owner can encounter situations where expensive professional repair services or a full computer replacement are needed.

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burja kalafari!

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Right click the toolbar and uncheck the lock the toolbar.. And drag it anywhere on your desktop

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The best review site for desktop computers, notebooks, and computer components is Tom's Hardware. They review computers based on individual components, such as the CPU or chipset on your motherboard. They are especially useful for their reviews and performance testing on desktop graphics cards.

Which of the two OS core components includes the Windows Desktop?


Which of the two os components includes the windows desktop?

the shell and kernel.

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Desktop: Upgradable, Disavantage not portable Laptop: Unupgradable sometimes, Advantage Portable

is there anywhere I can purchase a desktop for my car?

Honestly it depends on what you mean. If your referring to a desktop computer then there is not a way to purchase one for your actual car.

Which three components are interchangeable between desktop and laptop computers?

C. Scanner

Is it possible to connect to another computer in remote desktop through dial up?

First Reply:<I take it you don't have a router. If you bought one you could run your dial up through an into that then run other PC's off it. Or just get broadband its not even that expensive these days.> Second Reply: <I do have a router andI do have broadband. But I also have built in bluetooth on my computer. I use it to connect to the internet through dial up on my cell phone. The reason I asked this is because I wanted to access my desktop from anywhere. And yes, I have the port forwarding set up through my router. It works when I connect through Broadband.>

Is it possible to hook up a laptop computer to broadband cable Internet service?

Yes, hook it up just like a desktop.

Does mobile broadband work on a PC?

it depends on your phone, for me i have an Iphone. I can use Internet Thetering and surf on my desktop which does not have any intenet connection.

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