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No way to identify maker by just the serial number and caliber.

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Do a .38 special revolver have bullets marks after it left the barrel?

A bullet that has left the barrel has marks left from its travel down the barrel.

How do you determine the barrel length on a colt army special 38 revolver?

measure the barrel from one end to the other end. that is the length.............

What is the Model Number of a H and R 22Cal 9 shot revolver with a 6 inch barrel that is marked as a 22Cal Special?

Early Harrington & Richardson revolvers did not HAVE model numbers, but model NAMES. In your case, the model name is "22 Special".

Can you put a longer barrel on your Smith and Wesson 38 Special revolver?

An experienced gunsmith can or you can send it to S&W to have it done.

What is the maximum effective range 38 cal revolver?

This will depend to some degree on the barrel length. A 4 inch .38 Special revolver has an effective range of about 50-60 yards.

How are SW revolver barrels measured?

Beginning of the barrel to end of barrel.

What is louder 380 pistol or 38 special smith and Wesson?

A revolver is louder than a pistol due to the barrel-cylinder gap that is located between the cylinder face and forcing cone of a revolver.

How do you find all the markings on a smith and Wesson 38 special ctg revolver?

careful examination of barrel, butt, crane, receiver.

Is there a 4 in barrel six shot revolver?

Yes, that is a fairly common barrel length.

What are the major parts of revolver?

Frame, barrel and cylinder

Where are the serial numbers on a Iver Johnson arms and cycle works revolver?

On the right lower forward section of the frame under the barrel pivot bolt.

What's the entire size for a 4 inch barrel revolver?

No one revolver, no one size, no one answer.

How much is a Navy Revolver with Roman Numbers XXL?

Your question can not be answered with the slight info that you have provided.Please include all the info you can about your revolver to include maker,barrel length,caliber,finish,etc.and include all markings.

What is the value of a Rohn 22 caliber German made revolver model B with a three inch barrel?

no real value. the Rohn is classified as a 'Saturdaynight' special meaning it is not a quality revolver. depending on condition expect $50 - $75

Colt detective special 3 inch barrel?

5 shot, 38 spl, revolver I thought Colt only made 6 shot revolvers

Will a 22 magnum fire without gun barrel?

A rifle that has barrel removed- not likely. Revolver that has barrel removed- VERY likely.

What caliper is an eastern arms revolver?

It should be marked on the barrel.

Double barrel 410 revolver?

Provide a DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF ALL MARKINGS, barrel length, finish

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