I have terrible heartburns which i didn't have before i eat and i feel bloaded i have gain weight and my legs are swollen can i be pregnant?

Although this could be one of a great number of things, it doesn't sound like pregnancy symptoms. The fact that you bloat after eating sounds to me (through experience!!) that you may have a food allergy. The best thing to do would be to eliminate foods (one at time) and see if the symptoms are present or not after particular foods. In my own personal opinion, you may have either a nut allergy or are gluten intolerant. I have recently discovered that I am gluten intollerant. I would bloat terribly in the stomach (and sides) and was FULL of wind. I also put on weight (and width!) and it wasn't until I decided to stop eating bread made from wheat etc (there are several grains which contain gluten) I discovered that I was intollerant. It only took a day for all the bloating to go, and when i eat bread I bloat almost instantly. As I said, it could be a number of things but if I was you i would eliminate gluten products (and nut) for a few days and just see how you are. There may be no difference, which may indicate that you may need to have your allergies tested.