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pelvic immflamatory disease or pregnant

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Q: What can be the cause of your pelvic area feeling hard and swollen?
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What can cause movements in the lower pelvic area other than pregnancy?

Gas or fecal matter moving in the intestines is the usual cause of this feeling.

What symptoms can uterine fibroids cause?

They can cause uncomfortable symptoms in women, particularly pain and a feeling of pressure in the area between the hip bones (the lower pelvic area). Some women experience a feeling that they constantly need to urinate.

Can a tight feeling abdominal and pelvic area be a sign of implantation?


What would cause frequent spasms in the pelvic area in men?

What causes spasms in the front right pelvic area?

Is a funny feeling in your lower pelvic area a sign of pregnancy?

I had a funny feeling! Still do at 9 weeks along.

What causes back pain and pain in the pelvic area?

There are several reasons that cause back pain and pelvic pain. Most medical experts suspect inflammation or infection in the pelvic area. To determine the exact cause of a pelvic pain, one must undergo a gynecological ultrasound.

Can radiation therapy to pelvic area cause peripheral neuropathy?

Yes. It can cause the peripheral neuropathy.

What is the pelvic area?

The pelvic area is the area around the reproductive organs. The pelvic area consists of the pelvis, which protects the reproductive organs.

Pinching feeling in pelvic area?

Could be a sign of pregnancy....if body is not hydrated enough you will feel pinching/burning sensation in lower pelvic. Placenta needs lots of water!

What would cause pain the entire pelvic and kidney area?

a really hard kick

What causes swollen lymph nodes around the breast area?

what kind of infection can cause a swollen lymph node in the left breast

Can a UTI cause swollen lymph nodes?

UTI does not typically cause swollen lymph nodes. If you have pain when you urinate and swollen lymph nodes in the genital area, see your health care provider ASAP for an accurate diagnosis.

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