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Q: The number of swollen teats of a pregnant dog mean that's how many puppies they will have?
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What does it mean when a female dog teats and vagina are both swollen atthe same time?

They Pregnant Nuh BLOODCLAAAT !

Do female cats have teats if they are not pregnant?

Yes, all mammals have teats all the time. Just like humans have breasts (which is what we call human teats) even when they aren't pregnant or nursing. Males have them too, but they remain undeveloped. When a cat (or human) is pregnant or nursing, the tissue that produces milk will be active and swollen making the teats (or breasts) protrude more and they will be temporarily larger.

What is the average number of puppies in a litter of Boxer puppies?

Boxers usually have 5 to 10 puppies per litter.It is generally a surprise as to the number, but Mother Nature provided her with 8 teats, therefore, 8 puppies would be her natural limit.

How can you tel if a miniature dachshund is pregnant?

The teats will be swollen and eventually the dog will begin to put on weight. There is no way to tell if a dog is pregnant immeadiately after intercourse so only time will tell.

Why is my female dogs teats swollen?

This sometimes happens after a female dog goes through a heat cycle. It could also mean that the dog is pregnant.

How do you know if a cat is in kittens?

her teats will get swollen, her belly will get bigger

Do guineapigs only get breast when there pregnant?

They are called teats on animals. Yes, they get teats when they are pregnant. They have them when they are not but they remain small. When a female gets pregnant the teats will expans to help with milk production to feed the babies.

Can my dog be pregnant her teats are white at the tip?

yes this does mean she is pregnant after awhile the milk will come out if you squeeze the teats

When a female dog has milk in her teats how soon will her puppies be born?

How long after a dog develops milk will they have there puppies?

Do rabbits have teats if they are not pregnant?

Yes, all rabbits, even the males, have teats. When the rabbit is pregnant, the stomach will swell with milk.

How many teats has a pregnant female cat got?

Pregnant or not, cats usually have 8 teats. It is possible for them to have extra, so-called "supernumerary", teats. (This can occur in dogs and humans, too.)

How can you tell when a female dog is expecting pups?

She will gain weight and get swollen teats.

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