I heard Miriam Rivera of transgender fame was hurt physically Is that true and how can you help?

There was a story of her being assaulted in Feb 2007 that appeared in the NY Post, but no other news outlet appears to have any info on this, and searching the web in detail, there is no hard evidence to be found. Knowing the Post's dubious background and stories, placing trust in a story by them that is not confirmed elsewhere is begging for trouble. I was recently with my dear friend Miriam and she is still the wonderful girl that we've all grown to love and cherish. I met with her and her Gorgeous friend Pamela Fontini and spent a wonderful evening chatting with Miriam. Yes, it's true Miriam was brutally attacked and thrown out of a fourth floor window of her home in Manhattan. She was sleeping and two men snuck into her home and struck her above the eyebrow with a Hammer. This left her unconscious and she was then thrown from the fourth floor window. The motive is yet to be fully determined, but petty theft is most probable, jewelery and household items were taken. Miriam broke both her wrists and her elbow and sustained many more severe injuries in the fall and most probably the only thing that allowed her to survive was that she was unconscious It's taken the courageous Miriam 2 years to fully recover but she is now back and just as gracious and full of life as ever. I hope this helps to dispel any rumors and I thank God for such wonderful Ladies Like Miriam to inspire all Transgendered Women to carry on.