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I installed a new fuel pump on my 1993 Honda Del Sol and somedays it works and somedays it won't just like the old one I replaced and do you know what I can try?


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The part of your question, "...just like the old one I replaced..." indicates that the defect [problem] was/is SOMETHING/SOMEWHERE ELSE. There was nothing wrong with the first fuel pump. Also, the part of your question, "...somedays it works and somedays it won't..." suggests a loose or bad connection which sometimes makes good contact, and sometimes does not, thereby providing electrical current to the fuel pump intermittantly. Causes for this issue are most often related to a poor ground [usually CORROSION], or corrosion between the contacts within a connector somewhere in the circuit. Find, disassemble, clean, lubricate, and reconnect all connections of all types in the fuel pump circuit, and the problem will probably go away. Also, IF there is an electrical relay in the fuel pump circuit, it could be defective. j3h.

What was said above is correct but also replace the main relay. They are somewhat susceptible to going bad in the Honda cars and are both cheap and easy to replace. Any manual for the car should have details on where it is. And it shouldn't be more than a few dollars.