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Reformatting is probably not your best bet. Add/Remove programs in the control panel will get rid of most unwanted applications. Reformatting would require an Operating System disk. Most restore disks will replace all of the software you are trying to get rid of.
If you want to keep no track of the programs and if you are advanced with computers you could, after doing what is described before and remove the key from the windows key registry -if you are not sure, leave it to a professional-.

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βˆ™ 2007-06-20 10:43:22
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You can do a factory reset, it will delete all your viruses, applications, contacts. Another option is to delete useless applications.

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Why does a computer need software?

Because a computer is useless without it. the only thing your computer can do is run software and the software does everything else.

Can you reformat a windows 98 hard drive using windows xp then put it back in the 98 computer?

Yes, you can remove a hard drive from an older computer, place it in a new computer, and format it. Simply formatting it will leave it with no operating system, and thus useless in the Windows 98 computer. Installing Windows 98 to the drive from in your new computer may be difficult if your computer exceeds 512 MB of RAM, or if you use a SATA CD/DVD drive. Installing Windows XP to the drive might not work when placed back into the older computer if it doesn't meet XP's system requirements.

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Hardware is any physical component of a computer, Which needs instructions to know how it is expected to operate or use special features built into the hardware. These instructions come in the form of software. They tell a device what it is able to do and how it can do it.

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Without software computer doesn't even start. When you are using any computer, there needs to be an Operating System on it to help it work. It also allows you to run others kinds of software, which is known as Application Software. Applications are what most people use computers for. It enables them to do all sorts of different things. Standard things included things like word processors and spreadsheets. People play games. People surf the internet. The software gives people a reason to use a computer. Applications work with the users and also with the operating system. The operating system interacts with the hardware of the computer. Without software, a computer is useless.

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