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dont believe everything you hear. tell her nicely that he might be cheating. but if the person that you heared that from is a gossiper. IGNORE IT. yea that is your friend but they could just be causing drama.

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He might have been cheating on you

If you are strictly dating one boyfriend or are married and you or both of you have cheated and been honest about it, it's still in the category of cheating. Learn from it! Cheating gets you nowhere, but a bad reputation. Marcy

Well duh yes!!!!!!! That's called cheating smartie pants!!!!!!!! (Unless it's family...) I mean the man might be married and in love with his wife. But he might be cheating on his wife that he loves and he might have been with this other woman for a long time (He might have been cheating for a long time) and who knows, he might even be married to two women and even have a thrid wife!!

he might. ive been hearing it.

It depends on who you kiss on the lips... If it's your mom your ok, but if it's another girl, then yeah that's cheating

No public statement has been made as yet naming anyone who Prodigy might be dating.

if he still loves you and you still love him then you could try and and work something out but i would leave him.:'(.it might be sad but he's been cheating for SIX years.

They never were dating. They might have liked each other but they never dated

If you are both cheating on one another it would seem it is just not meant to be as you both obviously have been looking outside your relationship. Be friends for a time and see how things go.

Well, i dont know but its not really are business is it? they might be dating and i might be but nobody cares about me, just why them? Answer 2: I've heard they have been dating since August 09. I hope it's true, they make a great couple...

this might not be the best way but it should work what you do is tell her that you've been cheating on her but do it in an argument like when shes screaming at you say well you know what I've been cheating on you and if she says well I've been cheating on you too you go ahead and say oh yeah with who and if she doesnt hesitate or say something stupid like you wanna know who I've been cheating on you with I've been cheating on you with everybody that's basically how you know if shes been sleeping with someone else or you could follow her around without her knowing and see where she goes or put a small microphone in her hair or on her clothes or on something she hasAnother response: Some people never come clean.

Underwear being worn inside outside has no direct correlation with cheating. He might have been getting dressed in the dark that morning. He may have been forgetful. He may prefer it that way. Maybe it was a bet. It's not enough to go on. You need to find more clues that lend themselves to cheating behavior.

Answer is does it really matter how long he has been cheating? He has been cheating. You can ask him but it won't make it any better knowing all the details. You know the only detail that matters he betrayed you.

He hasn't been dating her he's dating Selena

hes out late, he stutters when you ask if hes cheating or where hes been...

they have been dating for 1 month

they have been dating for about a year

here is a tell tale sign that your man might be cheating on you does he buy you a gift everyday ?? if so he could be up to something also you should ask him whats going on and try to find out watch out for him checking your email as this too is a sign he is cheating i hope he isn't

No Eminem and Marni Bright are not dating. Even in his Rolling stone interview he had stated that he is not seeing someone and to myself i think that might had been a rumor

hun if you love one more than the other then choose the one you love more.. But remember follow your heart, it will always lead you to the right answer..

Given the fact that you've been dating since November, 23, I can't answer how long I've been dating.. Modify your question please.

No one, their has been rumors that he might be seeing Jake Flowers from the hit lesson IT.

Joe had been found cheating in the exam, so they diqualified him.

Your spouse must file a Response to your application and then serve the Response on you before the hearing date. If a response has been filed both of you must attend the hearing. If a Response is filed, the Court might not grant the divorce application at the first hearing. But if you have been separated for more than 12 months, there are usually no grounds to oppose a divorce.

how long have beyonce and jayz been dating