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Ok, I love this question and I'm probably the most qualifyed one to answer this question (I'm assuming you are a teen/ pre-teen) And so am I. So here are some great ways to tell he likes you:

1. He smiles alot when hes around or near you.

2. He goes out of his way to be near you.

3. He'll do ANYTHING (even if it's annoying or stupid) to get your attention

4. If he compliments you just to get a conversation going with you.

5. He'll open his handand reveal his palm (meaning he wants to hold your hand).

6. He'll ask you to barrow something of yours even though he doesn't really need to.

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What do you do if you like a guy but his best friend likes you?

learn to like the other guy

What do you do if a guy wont stop asking who you like?

if he keeps on asking you he probably likes you and if you like him then say i like you

How do you get a guy to tell you if he likes you?

you can get a guy to tell you if he likes you by just being yourself or just coming out and asking him, "hey do you like me?" what do you have to loose?

What does it mean when a woman tells a guy you like what you see?

She is asking the guy if he likes her physical appearance, she is flirting with him.

I like a guy but he likes a slut What should I do?

if he trusts you, tell him what you think about the girl he likes. if he doesnt stop liking her then, try asking him WHY he likes her. it might get him thinking...

What do you do when a guy likes you and you dont like him but you like this other dude that possibly likes you?

You should tell the guy who likes you that you don't like him, but not until you ask the guy who you like if he likes you.

Why would the guy you like talk about you to his friends?

he talks about you because he likes you back and maybe he is asking the boys about you and things like that

What should you do when you like a guy and you know he likes me back but doesn't say anything?

You should try asking him out. ^__^

The guy you like likes to hang out everyday but says he doesnt like you true or not?

It could be true but if you want to be absolutely sure i would recommend asking your friend to ask the guy if he likes you. Or you could see who is the guy who you like bests friend and ask him/her if he/she could ask for you.

How would you know that the man you like likes you too?

When the guy chases you and keeps asking about you all the time is one way of identifying that the guy is after you.

How can you tell if a guy likes you or if you like a guy?

There are many ways to tell if a guy likes you. If the flirts with you or tries to impress you then he probably likes you.He may also like you if he talks to you a lot or comes up with excuses to be with you. Some times i think a guy likes you if he doesn't tell you who he likes or is constantly asking you how you like. If you like a guy you can tell you like him if you blush a lot when you are around him and if you constantly think or daydream about him and try to see him as much as you can. Even if he has a girlfriend don't worry because he may also like you too. My main advice is NEVER give up on a guy you really like.

If the guy you like already knows you like him and claims he doesn't care but you think he likes you back how can you tell without asking him?

He doesn't like you

Theres this guy you really like and im not sure if he likes you back how do you know without asking him if he does?

If he stares at you, smiles and is really nice to you then he probably likes you.

If a guy likes you how come he is not asking you out?

He's probably shy. You should try asking him out.

I really like this guy but how am i shaw if he likes me?

Firstly you may like to learn how to spell.. sure not SHAW!! what is this world coming to.

What does it mean when the guy you likes friend tells you that the guy you like likes you?

The guy you like either likes you or does not, best to ask him if he returns your feelings.

This guy likes you and keeps asking you out but you dont like him what should you do?

Nicely say your not at all interesed and you want to be friends.

I like this guy but i don't know if he likes me?

Asking him or getting a mutual friend to ask is the only way you will find out.

When a guy tells you no worries here after asking if i bother him?

he likes you

How can you tell if a guy likes you without just asking him?

Vist this wikihow page: That should help, it did for me

What does it mean when the guy that likes you start wondering and asking you who do you go out with when it comes to parties repeatedly?

He probably likes you and wants to know if you like any other guys.

If your friends keep on asking this guy you like questions would he get sick of you?

If the questions are about you every time themn it might annoy him especially if the questions are asking him if he likes you.

How can you tell if a guy is lying if he claims that he loves you but also claims that he likes you but has never told you that he loves you or likes you?

if the guy doesn't like you then he wont see you as much or talk to you,if he likes you he will txt you a lot usually asking personaly question or trying to get him to like you peace out: hope i helpeed

What if a guy likes you but you don't like him?

if a guy likes you but you dont like him, tell him your not in to him and say sorry.

What does it mean if the guy you likes best girl friend starts asking you about him and if you would ever go out with him?

It means that the guy you like likes you, and he's sending his best friend to ask you if you like him:) Trust me,, im a junior in highschool...i know how this works;)