I like my ex's best friend?

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If you really like the guy go out with him.You and your ex are over...

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Q: I like my ex's best friend?
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What do you do if you like your exs friend?

Get to know your exs friend and talk to your ex about this because if you are good mates and she is truly over you- she will support you. If you didnt end on good terms- well...

How do you deal with dating your exs best friend?

its really easy to deal with , as long as you and your ex are still friends. and you are over your ex.

Your exs best friend likes you so what do you do?

Right, this can be tricky. It depends on how long you have been single and whether you like your ex's best friend or not. So if you have been single for a while, maybe a few months then consider what you want to do; if you're interested. If you still like your ex or you just don't like your ex's best mate then you need to leave it and tell him the truth.

Can Exs still be best friends or friends?

Yes, of course.

What do you do when you love your EXs best friend and you have kissed him and he likes you?

If its mint to be the two of you will know it. If it feels right just go with it. Enjoy everyday you have together. No one knows how long they have on earth. So live each day like there is no tomorrow.

What if you like your best friend and he doesn't like you?

Your question is not understandable. He is your best friend? And he doesn't like you?

New boyfriend who was your exs friend. you randomly start thinking about your ex. what does it mean?

It means three can play.

What do you do If the boy you like likes your best friend but your best friend likes his best friend who likes you?

you have a fight with them

Is it possible for Exs to be best friends?

i would think so. i mean im best friends with my ex

What do you like about your best friend?

im sorry..i dont have a best friend :[

If youre best friend tells your crush which is your best guy friend that you like them what do you do?

don't act like you like him !!

What do you do if you like a guy but hes your best friend?

The best person to date is your best friend.

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