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Answerthe other person put "stay away if you're a real friend" i wouldn't really say stay away, but you said "i know i could treat her ten times better" if this boy is treating her badly then she needs to get out the relationship, you cant do anything though at the moment as shes in a relationship, its highly unlikely that they'll be together FOREVER, so wait for them to break up then tell her how you feel good luck x
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How can you tell if your girl was with her ex-boyfriend?

Usually if a girl was with her ex you would see a connection between them. It could either be a good or bad connection

Could someone eavesdrop on your network connection? can

Why would a guy whose dating someone keep asking about your boyfriend?

So he could know about there boyfriend

How do you feel when you love someone?

you feel that your in a connection that could not break apart.

What does it mean that someone is pregnant for your ex boyfriend?

When someone is pregnant from your ex boyfriend there is a possibility (could be gossip or he's not the father) that he got another woman pregnant.

Could you ask if your boyfriend loves you?

You can ask your boyfriend if he loves but if he does not respond he probably is nerviest or he does not then he does not love you or he is dating someone alse .

Is it a good idea to try and make your feelings for a girl known even if she is seeing someone?

Yes, you should. you could be better then her boyfriend so you should tell her and try and prove you are better then himAlternative answerNot always. Its not fair to disrupt her feelings about someone else for your own selfish wants.

What does it mean when someone who is your friend is a boyfriend in your dreams?

it could possibly mean that you like that person.

What do you do if you want someone to be your boyfriend?

Ask him if he wants to go out (usually boys do it).Talk to him privately:hey, i am in love with you or i really love you! Could u be my boyfriend?

What is a good song to dedicate to your boyfriend?

"you make me smile" by Uncle Kracker "Better Then Better Could Ever Be" Stephen Jerzak

How could you talk to a girl in a relationship?

if you are interested in a girl who is in a relationship with someone else, jus talk to her all the time, and when her boyfriend does somthing to make her mad, tell her that she deserves better than that, and that you hate it when guys do that, you know, to make her feel better.

Is it ok to like someone if you have a boyfriend?

I believe ya! If you can keep it in perspective it can be really healthy. It gives you some insight into what it is like to like someone other than your boyfriend, but to know where it ends. It could be good to have your boyfriend in on it too, so he knows what's up.

Why does my boyfriend always kiss girls hands after performingsinging What does this mean?

Good question. My boyfriend does the same thing after performing. Could someone help us please.

How do you get a boyfriend in Poptropica?

There aren't really boyfriends and girlfriends in Poptropica but I guess you could just ask someone

What do you do if you like someone but your not sure if they have a boyfriend or girfriend?

you could ask one of his friends or just ask him himself

What is wrong if you ring someone on their mobile telephone and there is no connection?

Nothing is wrong. As you said there is no connection. This could be due to Faulty connection on yours or the receivers handset Faulty handset Problems with the service provider Problems with the billing

What do you do when your boyfriend trades one obsession for another?

If you could give us an example that would be better. Thanks

Which is a better sport baseball or basketball?

It could be either one. Whichever one someone likes better, they will say it is better.

What do you do if your boyfriend says they love you but doesnt show it?

He is not the one for you, you deserve a boyfriend that can say he loves you and shows it, believe me there is a boy out there but the guy your with is just not the one for you. And you could do much better.

Who is Barry Manilow's boyfriend?

I don't know....listening to "Could it be magic" sure hope he has someone special in his life.

Will psychosis cause you to have seizures?

Psychosis is a mental illness. Epilepsy is a physical illness. So there is no direct connection and psychosis will not cause seizures. Someone with psychosis could happen to have epilepsy, just as they could have any illness, but there would be no connection.

What does it mean if some looks at you with a frown when your walking with someone?

They like you and get worried that the person you're walking with might be your boyfriend because they would want to be in their shoes so they could be your boyfriend.

What to do when im in love with someone who has a girlfriend and i have a boyfriend?

You action could be term double dating. This is against the rules of relationship. You are only permitted to do this when you are no longer in love with someone.

Has little boots got a boyfriend?

cole srouse is her bf he is so lame she could do way, way BETTER

How do you turn my boyfriend on?

I don't know. You tell me! Haha. You could rephrase that better:) Wear sexy undies or something.