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I am a Christian girl. (Just thought that I'd tell you that.)

The Christian religion is built upon The Bible. That means, the foundation for our beliefs is the same as yours. She most likely won't have a problem with you being Jewish. So, as long as it's ok for her to be Christian, you'll be ok. Good luck!

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What are some actions a girl does if she likes you?

she wants to be near you alot. she smiles at you. or, she completely ignores you. i should kow. i am a girl

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What do Christian guys look for in a girl?

Christian guys look for a girl who is completely sold out for God. My youth leader once told me to picture a pyramid ; At the bottom points of the pyramid are a boy and a girl ; At the top, is God. The more the boy and girl climb the pyramid to be closer to God, the closer they become as friends , and when they finally reach the top, they know they are to be together with God's blessing.

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A nonmuslim man cannot marry a muslim woman

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Asuming that the American Man as Christian and Iranian Girl as Muslim Man= Should have Resident Visa of UAE Man= Should Pass the Medical Test Man= Should present Certificate attested from his Consulate that he is single (If Christian). If muslim, no need. Girl= Should have Resident Visa of UAE Girl= Should Present Certificate attested from her Consulate that she is single. Girl= Should have his Brother or Father present at the time of Marriage (being agreed) before the Judge (needed if she is muslim). Girl= Should pass the Medical Test Extra = Two Male Witnesses having valid UAE visa also required.

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How can a Christian girl ask his Muslim husband to become a Christian?

yes yes

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