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Recovering Ipods, iPhones, cell phones

Unfortunately, iPods can't connect to the internet or any other network so it might be difficult or impossible to trace.

If you have something like a Rewarding Return label ( you have a great chance of getting it back.

Their labels clearly offer rewards to people who return lost stuff. Check them out


Sadly Apple can help people track stolen iPods but no Apple wont do it, reason why, they wont say but we know, apple is greedy!

They could track stolen iPods by taking a reported stolen iPod's serial number and track it to see if it is connected to iTunes on a computer, by doing that they could, right there, instantly find out where the ipod is, by getting the computer's IP address, then give it to the police and have them do the rest

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Q: I lost my ipod.. any chance of getting it back?
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lost my device in itunes,,, so now i can charge my ipod

If you find and iPod can you use it?

Legally yes but whoever lost it probably wants it back

How can a lost memory in an ipod come back?

it cant...just kidding. sometimes theres an ipod restore button under ipod info on itunes if you restored to default settings

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start freaking out and yell i lost my ipod or iphone

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What do you do when you lost your ipod and literally looked everywhere for it?

You haven't looked everywhere yet. If you did, you would have found your iPod. Think back to the last possible place you had it, and search from there.

You Forgot your Password To your iPod Touch?

When you first type in your passcode it will give you a master one use that

When you down loaded a new album to your ipod you lost all of your music on both your computer and your ipod can you get it back?

No, sorry buy Cd's same price sometimes cheaper and you have it forever.

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I lost my iPod in the house

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get another one or look for the company on the back so that they will replace it

If you lost your ipod how can you find it?

look for it.