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I need to lost ten pounds in 5 days?

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That's the link to a website that shows you. But you have to keep on that strict diet.

I am about to try it myself, so I don't know for sure, from personal experience at least, that it works. But I've been researching it quite a lot and it seems like if you don't eat too much after you finish with the diet and exercise just to be sure it's kept off then it might actually work. If I remember, I will update you sometime next week to tell you if it worked for me.

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How does a ten year old lose 3 pounds over a weekend?

they may be sick ive lost ten pounds in three days from tummy bug or anarexic or working out

Will ten pounds of pasta salad feed 100?

no, you need lots more then ten pounds

How can you lose ten pounds in ten days?

Try a lemon or liver detox or the Israeli Soup Diet... Its not the answer for permanent results but you'll lose 10 pounds on 10 days...

How many hours do you have to exercise to lose ten pounds?

I lost ten pounds in two weeks by using and exercising with 6secondABS in combination with diet of beans only.

Which ways more ten pounds of pillows or ten pounds of feather?

They both weigh the same. Ten pounds is ten pounds. (:

How much is ten pounds in America?

Ten pounds in America is exactly the same weight as ten pounds anywhere else, Ten pounds.

How can you lose ten pounds in five days?

No. It is unhealthy to do that. Two pounds a week is about right. The first 5 are also water weight.

How can you lose ten pounds in thirty days if you are 5' 5 and weigh 158 pounds?

Diet and exercise are the best way to go.

How much is ten pounds?

Ten pounds is about the size of a baby

Is ten pounds bigger than ten kilograms?

No, it is less than half. There are 2.2 pounds in a Kilogram. So ten pounds is 4.536 Kg.

Is ten pounds bigger then ten kilograms?

no, ten pounds are less than 10 kilograms (1 kg = 2.204 pounds).No, it is not.

How many euros would you need if it costs ten pounds?

10 British pounds = 12 Euros (11.9655436 to be exact)

If you eat fruits and veggies for ten days can you lose ten pounds?

no; you will lose weight but not that much because you are still consuming calories, fats, ect.

How can you lose twenty pounds in ten days?

Stop eating completely and exercise until you pass out daily.

How many pounds are in ten ounces?

There are 0.625 pounds in ten ounces.

How long will chicken last in the freezer?

uncooked can lost for one week to ten days in deep freezer

What is ten percent of one hundred thousand pounds?

It is: ten thousand pounds

How much water is equal to ten pounds of ice?

Ten pounds of ice is equal to ten pounds of water, or ten pints by volume, which is 1 1/4 us gallons.

How many pounds is ten kilograms?

one kilogram is 2.2 pounds so ten kilograms is 22 pounds

How do you lose 12 pounds in 10 days?

That's a bit more than one Pound a day. That's not really doable for ten Days running.

What can be done for headaches lasting over ten days?

You NEED to discuss it with a doctor.

What is 13 stone and ten pounds in pounds?

192 pounds.

What is the fastest diet to lose ten pounds?

The best way to lose ten pounds is to calculate, based on one's current body weight, how many calories are required to maintain that weight. A pound of weight is 3500 calories. If the calorie intake is reduced by 500 calories each day, a pound will be lost in seven days (one week). If only a ten pound weight loss is desired, it is unlikely that the individual would want to drop 1000 calories per day from the usual intake, so it would probably take ten weeks to lose the last ten pounds, which is much more difficult than losing the first 10 pounds of a significant amount of weight.

How do you gain ten pounds?

to gain ten pounds you can eat food with lots of calories or fats

How much is 429.24 pounds to the nearest ten pounds?

It is 430 pounds