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This was in Texas and our right of way. They said they could do that even though we have owned the land for 50 years. I don't agree with the above answer. No one can include your land on their deed. If an adverse possession judgment has been entered in their favor, then that's OK, but otherwise, it's illegal. See a real estate attorney in your area for more specifics on your state's laws.

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What word means something or someone that belongs to a certain place?

A person who belongs to a certain piece of land, so that they are sold when the land is sold, is called a serf or villein. A thing which is sold when the land it sits on is sold is called a fixture.

How do you write an acknowledgement receipt of a money from the sales of a land?

An acknowledgement receipt of money for the sale of land should be more formal than a hand written letter. To word it correctly start out by saying, 'Sold to (the person's name)'. Then describe what was sold and put the amount of money received and the date. Also list any other terms of the contract included in the sale. The date should also be at the top of the document. Both parties should sign the document.

If the land of mine is sold by another person to some one else?

If someone else "sold" the land, then either it was no longer your land (was taken from you legally and then sold), or you are incompetent (has been sold on your behalf), or the sale may be completely void (forged your signature or whatever). This occurs from time to time and you need to have an attorney find out the reason for it and explain it to you, to see if you can get it back.

I sold someone a motorcycle and now they won't pay me what should I do?

call the cops! you should call the cops!

If timber is sold on land in irrevocable trust should it go into the irrevocable trust account?


How can you sell landlocked land?

Land cannot legally be landlocked. Go to the deed office and research the history of the land and you'll find land cannot be sold landlocked. A right of way has to be included in the deed. Check all the history and you'll find the original land owner who sold it and bought it that it has a right of way. You may have to hire an attorney to get the right of way back like it originally was.

What did native Americans believe could not be sold?

they believd that land couldn't be bought or sold LAND is the answer

When William Penn sold tracts of land to the original Quakers Was the cost of traveling by ship included and for what cost?

Nothing I have read indicates that Penn included the cost of travel to the colony as part of the price of the land. He distributed tracts all over Europe advertising the land for sale. It is very doubtful that he would include these costs. He died in England broke and penniless.

What is the Texas laws on selling unimproved land?

Unimproved land can be bought and sold just like any other land in Texas. Unimproved land should be surveyed and this cost could fall on the buyer.

What if you bought a hermit crab and it was on sand is it land or sea hermit crab?

Most likely a land hermit crab, but you should always check with the person that sold it to you.

Who should be held responsible if you built your home in a flood zone and no one ever told you?

the person who sold you the land

What is a land parcel?

A land parcel is a plot of land that can be sold or purchased for development.

Who is heather strother?

She is someone who is related to the person that sold the land to george washingtons parents. true by blood facts. heather lee strother

Do you pay federal income tax on inherited land sold?

Yes it possible would have to pay some federal income tax on any gain from the sale of this land. This will depend on how long you have held the land after it was inherited and your adjusted cost basis of the land when it is sold and the use of the land before it was sold.

Is land sold need to be reported on taxes from an estate?

Yes someone is supposed to report the sale of the land from the estate and if pay any income taxes that may be due on the sale of the land from the estate. The trustee or administrator of the estate or the beneficiaries of the estate.

Should i purchase the land which was govt land in1955 and alloted to some one and who sold to some other person?

You should consult with an attorney who specializes in real estate law in your area who can confirm the status and quality of the title.

What does it mean when someone has sold their soul?

When someone has sold their soul it means that they have abandon their beliefs and principles for personal gain.

What do you do if you sold your handgun to someone and in process of getting paperwork to have it transferred they sold it to someone else?

Carry on with your transfer paperwork, it's not your problem what they do with it after you have sold it to them, it becomes their problem.

Where was land o lakes butter first sold?

the land of lakes?

What is the definition of alienable land?

The land has a capability of being sold/transferred.

How long can you stay in house that has been included in bankruptcy?

Until its sold and you are evicted.

Why are inventories included in the computation of net income?

To determine cost of goods sold

How can you execute a foreclosure on land without clear title?

can land be sold without title

What land was sold by Jean Baptiste Point du Sable?

The land that became Chicago.

Which ordinance sold government land in the west to encourge settlement?

The Land Ordinance of 1785