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Unemployment benefits are paid by your state, so benefit checks will not be effected by bankruptcy.

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2011-04-06 19:40:40
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Q: I received a weekly paycheck as a owner of a company can i still collect unemployment if our company goes bankrupt?
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Can you collect ssi if you have received unemployment?

You can, but unemployment will deduct the amount from your unemployment benefits

Can you collect New York state unemployment insurance if your company bankrupt?

The company's going bankrupt should not affect your getting unemployment, The company paid (or should have) unemployment taxes to the state who, in turn, pays the benefits to claimants. Therefore it is the state you look to for relief.

Can you collect unemployment in Florida when you have received a severance in Illinois?


Can you collect unemployment in Nevada when you have received a severance?

You usually cannot collect unemployment if you are fired or receive severance pay in any way. It depends on the situation and why you are receiving severance pay.

Can you collect unemployment benefits if my spouse is my boss?

Your eligibility for unemployment benefits is not affected by the fact that your spouse is your boss. What matters is whether your boss has been deducting money from your paycheck to pay your unemployment insurance premiums. If the premiums have been paid, then you are insured, and you qualify for benefits.

Can Nannie collect unemployment checks?

yes. nannies can actually collect unemployment

How can you collect unemployment in New York?

You can't collect unemployment. It's impossible.

Can college students collect unemployment?

Yes and no. If a college student is working and gets fired or layed off then they can collect unemployment. If they are not working then no they can't collect unemployment because they have no job to collect it from.

Can you collect unemployment insurance after you are released from jail?

if paroled from jail can i still collect unemployment

Can you collect unemployment in Texas for getting fired?

hello Can you collect unemployment in Texas if you were fired?

Can you collect unemployment and do freelance work in Florida?

That would be dishonest, you can not collect unemployment if you are freelance working.

How can you collect unemployment for your time of incarceration?

You can't. To collect unemployment you have to BE AVAILABLE for employment. If you were in jail, you were not available.

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