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It is probably addressed in the discharge it.

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Do you get tax refund after bankruptcy discharge?

Depends on if your due a refund to start...and if it was taken from earnings before your filing or after.

Refund received from 941 c could it be a mistake?

we also just received a 941 refund that turned out to be the COBRA subsidy

Will the bankruptcy court take a tax refund after your bankruptcy is discharged?

Usually not. Your bankruptcy petition will ask you for information on whether or not you received a tax refund for the year prior, but they don't usually track you afterwards to find out if you got a refund after your discharge. You are applying for a clean financial slate, and taking away your refund would negate that purpose. If in doubt, check with your bankruptcy attorney for more clarification.

Does the money received from an auction of the car go towards the debt owed even if you received a refund from it also?

IF you got the "surplus" refund, it should have been payed off. You must have had a lot of equity(down payment) in the car to get a refund.

Why did you get a refund check from HSBC Private Label Banks?

I received a refund check for $3.00. The reference number is L0102117254

What do you do if you received a duplicate federal refund?

You should contact your local IRS about this matter take the duplicate refund check with you.

T-Netix owes you a refund from a prison?

Yes. TNETIX owes me a refund. I called on January 26 and went through the whole animated process for the refund. It is now March 20, and I have not received a refund.

What is this Austin tax refund check you just received?

The Austin tax refund check you received may be your IRS tax return. If you overpaid your taxes you may also be issued a check.

How long after tax code 1301 did you receive your refund?

I received my tax refund two weeks later after getting code 1301

How long is it taking to get Missouri State tax refund?

I received my federal 2 weeks ago...still no Mo state refund?

I have not received a 1099 G listing my refund for my 2007 tax return. Do I need this to file for 2008 If so how do I get it?

No, you don't need a 1099 for your tax refund because your refund isn't taxable.

I Received a refund from the hospital after both insurances paid bill?

AnswerGood for you :)

Why haven't you received a student refund from Everest?

You will need to ask Everest that.

Why did i receive a tax refund along with form 449 is tax refund number 449?

we recieved a "TCS Tress 449 Tax Relief reund" what is that???? Improvement: This is a question, not an answer, and is incorrectly spelled in addition. The QUESTION is: We received a "TCS Treas 449 Tax Relief Refund". What is that??? I ALSO received such a refund, and am searching for the answer. Any IRS Agents out there who can help us both?

Do you have to repay the stimulus checks?

my refund would have been $3600 for 2008. since i received an 1800 stimulus, me refund will be $1800. looks like i repaid it to me.

What if you got a tax refund and received another w2 after you filed?

If you got a tax refund and received another w2 after you filed, you will have to file an amendment to your tax return for the year that the W-2 Form was for in order to correct your return. You may get an additional refund when you file your amendment or you may owe additional tax from the amendment.

What is this Fresno tax refund check we just received?

The Fresno tax refund check you received is most likely for the Making Work Pay Credit. However, you can contact your local IRS office to find out more information about the check.

Has anyone received their Delaware tax refund for 2012 If so how long did it take for a Direct Deposit?

No and i called yesterday and was told it could take up to 8 weeks. i received my federal and maryland refund within 10 days.

Is your tax refund of last year taxed?

You do not pay taxes on a federal tax refund from the IRS unless they sent your refund late and paid you interest on the amount due to you. You would have received a 1099 from the IRS which shows the interest paid to you.

You just filed for bankruptcy and also got your 2008 refund will that be added to income in2009?

I filed my Federal taxes for 2008 and just received a refund and I am in the process of filing bankruptcy this month will that refund be added as income to the bottom line?

How do you pay IRS when they overpay your refund?

I received my refund. The amount is $300.00 over the amount I was entitled to from my tax return. I want to know who to contact to properly return the $300.

Back tax refund?

Prior year tax refund. The IRS would be the only one that would be able to help you with this information about any missing refund that you have not received if you have filed your income tax return correctly and mailed it or sent it to the correct IRS address. To check on your current year income tax refund go to the website and choose check on my refund or where is my refund on either side of the web page.

Should tax refund be listed as income on schedule I?

No. It is either cash (if received) or a receivable. It is not income.

Is Dow superstore legit dowsuperstorecom?

I don't believe they are. I never received my items and have not received a refund. It has been 1 and a half months since I paid them.

Can the trustee still come after your income tax return even if your bankruptcy is discharged?

Maybe. It depends upon the amount of time that has elapsed between the BK discharge and the receiving of the tax refund. Generally any refund that can be seized by the trustee must be pro-rated.

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