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After the engine is warm up and hot - feel the water hoses to the heater and test if they are HOT- HOT. NO?- The water valve may not be letting hot water go to the heater core.

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โˆ™ 2006-02-25 04:05:47
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Q: I replaced the fuses and relay and heater motor on a 1997 Ford Ranger XLT and still no warm air blowing a little warm air when driving only?
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Why is the heater in a 1992 Ford Tempo blowing smoke?

it's leaking coolant. Needs to be replaced.

Your 1998 Jimmy heater is blowing cold air I have replaced the thermostat and that did not help.?

heater core plugged or air locked check to see if hoses going to heater core are hot

1998 Lincoln town car blowing cold air instead of blowing heat?

needs heater core replaced wost likely be hind the glove box

I Replaced heater core and had ac rechaged now Heater not blowing hot and ac not blowing cold air Why?

The heater core is usually your last resort. So now start from the end to the beginning, core, thermostat, flush, hose, fluids. Follow the trail and your bound to find your answer.

Jeep Wrangler has no heat?

What do you mean by "has no heat"? No air blowing out, blowing out cold air when heater is on, blowing nothing at all? Heater not turning on? What specifically is happening?

You just replaced the thermostat on a 1993 ford ranger but your heat still blows cold air what else could it be?

The heater valve may not be engaging or the heater core may be blocked.

How do you fix the heater in Mercury Sable - Ford Taurus?

No one knows if:The heater is NOT blowing - or blowing on high speed only, or... The heater IS blowing, but the air is NOT hotEither way, the "Related Questions" below will get you started

Why is your dodge Dakota blowing out luke warm air out of the heater when it's cold outside?

thermostat probably stuck open needs to be checked or replaced

I just replaced the actuator and still just blowing. How can I repair heater in a Ford Windstar 1999?

Sounds like the heater core may be plugged up or the heater damper door is broken. See "Related Questions" below for more

My dodge heater blower control only works on low what might be the problem?

Dodges are good for blowing fuses. If that is not it, the fan switch might need replaced.

Why does a cars temperature gauge go up to the red linewhen driving and the heater starts blowing out cold air and does it periodically?

sounds like the thermostat is sticking

Your 1999 buick lesabre just had the radiator replaced and then the heater core went out should they have replaced the heater core when they replaced the radiator?

If your heater core wasn't leaking at the time your radiator was replaced , then ( no ) That would be two separate jobs

Your ac heater and defrost in your 2000 montero stop working when a fuse was replaced it kept blowing the fuse what is the problem?

either the fuse that was put has too much wattage or not enough

Heater blowing cold but car not overheating?

faulty control valve on heater or air in the lines

Should the air conditioner unit come on when the heater is blowing?

If your heater is a heat pump , then yes.

Why is your car heater blowing out cold air when it is on?

Low coolant and a clogged heater core are possibilities.

1989 Chevy Corsica has no heat or defrost or blowing at all why?

If you feel no air blowing at all (when you are not moving) then your fan is not blowing. If it is blowing air, and it is cold, when the heater is on, then most probably your heater core is leaking, or is clogged. These are easily replaceable and go bad all the time in older cars.

Why is my heater not blowing warm air in a 1990 buick regal?

Could be a bad thermostat or heater core

Why is the heater blowing cold air on a Kia Sephia?

You may need to replace your Thermostat or your Heater Core.

Heater blower fuse keeps blowing?

Motor hasseized.

1999 Dodge Dakota heater core replacement?

I need mine replaced too. I'm tired of smelling anti-freeze while driving.

Why would my 2003 Ford Escort ZX2 warm up then begin to run cold when the Heater is on or if I am driving down the highway?

thermostat needs replaced

Why the ac stop blowing cold after you change the heater core in 99 expedition?

The problem is the blend door, not the heater core. Any mechanic worth anything should have checked and replaced the blend doors while it was apart to replace the heater core. Check for diagnostic information and some real help.

1998 transport over heating. when the temp gauge is normal heater is blowing hot when temp gauge gets hot heater blows cool replaced thermostate Why would it be over heating?

This would indicate that the system is low on coolant when the gauge is hot. Not enough coolant to service the heater core.

What can cause a heater to stop blowing heat?

well you could just turn the heater off heater blower ---- If it is a car heater then check your coolant level. the heater is driven off a heat converter that is fed by the radiator system. When the coolant fails to pump round the radiator system the car internal heater doesn't work. Driving without coolant in the system will result in the engine overheating and seizing.