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You should share your concern with your girlfriend and ask her directly that what she wants from your relationship. Also ask your best friend to help clear the matter. If he is also interested in your girlfriend then maybe its better to dump both of them. Since a true friend/girlfriend will never do so to you.

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no i think they are friend

i think if he is happy with his girlfriend you shouldn't come in between that because is you say your his best friend you wouldn't do that cause that's not what best friends do. I think that is he has a girlfriend you have to tell yourself to let your friend be happy and let fate discide what happens

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Well talk to your friend's gf see if she realy dose like you. if she dose get your friend to trust you and talk to him.

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Hey :) Falling for a friend is tough because if you do ever go out and break up it could ruin your friendship, so just have a think about it and say well is it worth losing a friend or would you be able to go on with a relationship. Just do not rush into things have a good think about it and then decide. I hope this helps!

To me the mening of a boyfriend is a boy and a friend at the same time and is always there for you when you need him. that is the samething for a girlfriend they are a girl and at the same time they are your friend and always there to help you when you need him. That is what I think it is,

Tell him that, while you may be currently enjoying a dating relationship with him, you think that you two make better friends than girlfriend/boyfriend. Since that is what you think, he may think the same thing or it may take him time to get over it and be your friend again. Either way, you're better off being good friends than you are in a relationship where you are uncomfortable. Good luck!

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I think it means that it doesn't really show you like the boy and because his friend doesn't know that, it could be he's considering making you his new girlfriend.

She SHOULD be taking YOU if she's your girlfriend. If you can't go, then she shouldn't want to go I'd think

it's the best thing that could happen! your partner will eventually be your best friend anyway as the years pass by :-)

Ask the boyfriend.tell your friend that you asked him and tell her what he said.

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