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You can do it. Just tell your insurance company. Its exactly the same as insuring one car, it will cost a little more im sure but that's about the only difference.

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Q: I want to insure two different cars on one policy?
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How many cars can you have on one insurance policy?

Insurance companies will be happy to insure as many cars as you want, as long as you are willing to pay the insurance premium.

Can you put two cars under disability insurance?

Only human beings are covered by disability insurance. If you want to insure cars, you require automobile insurance.

How many cars can one person insure?

Just a little more info. We have 3 cars and 3 persons living in the household. I am 18 years old and currently got my g2 in Jan/2012. My mom is primary driver of 2 existing vehicles in the house. I want to insure another vehicle under a different car insurance with my mom being primary driver and me occasional driver. Can she be primary driver of 3 cars? I know about me being able to drive the 2 other cars, but I heard their is a waiver you can sign not to drive the other cars. The car i want to insure is a 2007 Camry 4dr LE V6

Can I use my insurance to insure classic cars?

Yes, it is covered under most insurances. You will be able to get what you want with your regular insurance.

Can a 25 year old child be on their parents auto insurance policy?

Certainly. You can insure any licensed driver you want as an operator of your vehicles.

Why alberto del rio comes with different cars?

He comes out with different cars because he can afford them all and want to show them off to the "poor" fans

Can you insure an automobile with a permit?

No, they will want a licensed driver.

Can you choose how much coverage you want for homeowners insurance or does the insurance company have the right to drastically increase your coverage without your approval?

It is unlawful to intentionally under insure your home. Your insurance company is required to review your homeowners policy regularly to insure that you are properly insured and that your homeowners policy is in compliance with the law as well as the terms of any associated mortgage note.

I want my policy no. and other detail?

I want my policy details to deposit policy premium in time.

Can you get home insurance on a home you are renting?

You can buy insurance on whether or not it will rain tomorrow. This is just to show that you can insure anything. Now for your question. I'm not sure I completely understand it. You cannot insure something that you don't own so if you mean can you insure a home that you are paying rent to live in then no. You can purchase a homeowners policy to insure your contents inside the home as well as your liability should you be sued by someone hurt on the property. This would be an HO-4 policy form. If you are asking if you can insure a home you are renting to someone else for them to live in then the answer is also yes. You would need a dwelling fire policy that stipulates it is tenant occupied which can be a DP-1, DP-2, or DP-3 depending on the condition of the property and the coverage you desire. You will also want to make sure you endorse the policy to provide liability coverage as well and to cover any property inside the home that you own.

You and your husband have cars you are reg owner of 1 and his the other i want to switch ownership on the cars do you need to get a new policy for both cars?

It depends on the state and how often you drive one another's cars. You'd probably save money just by getting a joint policy and putting both vehicles on it. Your best bet would be to call your agent or your insurance company's 1-800 number.

We have 3 older vehicles insured with you. Our 17 year old daughter just got her drivers license. I want to get a new car which she will not be allowed to drive. Can you give me an insurance rate?

I'm Not sure who you insure through but any minor over the age of 15 MUST be added as a driver on the policy. It does not matter if she will drive the car or not, she still must be stated on the policy and be insured for all cars. at least that's the law where I live.

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