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I want to stop taking birth control. I am on Loestrin 24 fe. Do I have to finish the whole pack?

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2007-05-19 04:57:58

You do not have to, but you will likely get your period right

away - even if it has not been a month since your last period. If

you wait until the end of the pack, your schedule will stay

approximately the same. If you are experiencing side effects which

you feel may be dangerous (severe headache, stomachache, or eye

problems, major pin point leg pain or trouble breathing), stop

right away. If you are considering stopping because you are unhappy

with this brand and want to switch or want to become pregnant,

consider talking to your doctor about your plans before you stop.

It may be easier to transition to a new pill if you stay on this

one for the rest of the pack, and if you are considering becoming

pregnant, your doctor may recommend that you "prepare" for a month

or two before you try for a baby (such as take folate, make sure

you are eating healthier/exercising, getting off any other

medications that may not be good for a pregnancy). I hope this was


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