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First of all, prescription drugs should never be crushed and snorted, especially those for ADD or ADHD. These medications are made to be absorbed over a long period of time and when you break them up, they release medication that was supposed to be relased over a 12 hour period. Think of is this way: how many beers would it take someone to stay drunk for 12 hours? A lot, right? Now what happens if someone drinks all of these in one hour? It is extremely easy to overdose this way.

Concerta actually does NOT need to build up in your system. As stated above, it releases medicine for 12 hours, and is then out of your system. Concerta is a stimulant, so you don't really want that building up in your system.

Concerta does work right away, just like rittalin. You can snort them but if they are time released they will hurt your nose. I've known people who have use vaporizers to smoke concerta, which would make it hit you even stronger than snorting it. Concerta and Adderal both inhibit some of the dopamine from being thrown away.

Its the same type of buzz, but it is diffrent. For example You get hungry on Concerta but that doesnt happen on Adderall. But in general its the same speeded up happy feeling. But dont sniff the whole pill peel of the outside layer then just sniff the white and pink part also you need to peel off the clear film from around the pill or it will be all gunky in your nose. DO THIS AT UR ON RISK.

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Q: If Concerta is crushed and snorted will it have the same effect as snorting Adderall?
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How long snorting Adderall last?

Adderall is prescribed for oral use, and should be taken in that manner. If the whole amount prescribed is snorted, its effects will last the same length as if taken orally.

Can morphine be snorted?

NO. It is to be swallowed whole not even crushed. Snorting and breaking up the pill would destroy the long action (time release) of the drug and can cause a fatal overdose.

How many days will adderall xr keep you up if snorted?

150 mg of adderall

You crushed up some adderall and snorted them little did you know you have a drug test soon how long will it be in your urine?

they told me 48 hours for urine.....i wonder tho if you didnt do much will it show up in ur hair? if so does it show as meth or adderall?

Can you snort Ibuprofen 800mg?

It can be crushed up and snorted, but it is not recommended. There is no benefit of snorting Ibuprofen 800mg; it does not get you high and it does not "enhance" the "feeling" of ibuprofen (not that there is one in the first place). Also, it will burn the inside of your nostrils and may cause bleeding.

What are the effects of snorting Advil?

well i just snorted 2 so well find out now will we

What are the effects of snorting Methadone?

Methadone should not be snorted, it should only be taken orally as prescribed by a physician.

How are the drugs of ecstasy taken into the body?

Swallowed in pill form, or crushed and snorted

Does snorting Oxycontin cause coating on throat?

i think so, ive snorted hydro and it makes my throat itchy and weird

What are the harmful effects of snorting Hydrocodone?

Snorting Hydrocodone (Vicodin), is not only harmful, but illegal. Medically speaking, Snorting any medication that was not designed to be snorted will damage nasal tissue and your sinus cavities. It can also damage the brain if prolonged use via "snorting" occurs. As an end result, you may lose your ability to smell.

What happens if Mirtazapine is snorted?

Snorting the antidepressant Mirtazapine has no recreational value. It would likely be painful. There is no reason not to just take it normally.

How lond goes Adderall stay in your system if snorted?

Depending on body type, anywhere from 12-48 hours.

Can you snort Concerta?

Yes, you can snort concerta (methylphenidate). The effects from what I have noticed are slight stimulation, but nothing compared to cocaine or methamphetamine. Concerta is extended-release Ritalin, a stimulant drug used primarily to treat ADHD. Personally, compared to taking it orally, snorting Concerta produced short-lived but greater physical and mental effects with a rapid onset. Your experience will depend on a number of factors such as how your body reacts to Ritalin in general and how many MGs you snort. The extended-release features of a Concerta pill must be bypassed in order to snort it effectively. One way to accomplish this is to place a pill in water for a few minutes and then completely rub off the outer coating of the pill. Next, cut the pill in half, save the white half and throw away the gray half. Secure the pill with pliers or tweezers and carefully remove the waxy outer coating using a razor blade. What remains of the pill can be crushed/shaved and snorted.

Can you snort flexeril?

I've snorted it one time and ill never do it again... It was terrible and burned worse than snorting rolls lol

Does snorting tramacet get you high?

I just snorted one 37.5 mg pill of tramacet and took 2 orally. Ill let you know

What are the effects of snorting levothyroxine?

WHENEVER PILLS are crushed and snorted, they act more quickly on your body and all at once. That's not how the manufactuer designed the pill to be used. You possibly could end up with an overdose. You could feel a number of different side effects that may include a headache, rapid heartbeat, irritability, chest pain, heart failure, or shock. I wouldn't recommend snorting Levothyroxine (SYNTHROID).

Can you smoke ativan?

I decided to try it right after reading this question. First I crushed the pill, with half of it, I snorted it. Immediately after snorting it, i feel very much like a took a couple swigs of rum. I feel very light and warm. I think it's a nice feeling. I'll repost in a couple minutes with how it feels after smoking it. I need to come down from snorting it first. ~ After smoking it, I got the same reaction as snorting it. However it feels like it's calmer, and I think it lasts longer. Hope I helped :]

Can hydrocodone that is crushed and snorted be detected in a drug test?

Yes. It still enters the body just by a different route.

How long is snorted adderall in your urine?

U can stick in ur a#s, still going to be present in urine for 3-4 days

Do painkillers have the same side effects if they are snorted I mean the same side effects you would have if you were taking them for medical reasons?

No snorting medicine would have a drug effect on you

How much Concerta is a lethal dose if snorted?

WARNING: Snorting methylphenidate (Ritalin, Concerta) can cause cardiac arrest.The problem with that is, there are no such studies on this. So maybe, you should think twice before attempting such a risky experiment.Maybe the fatal dose is 72mg; maybe it's 3mg. I'm a doctor and I have not the faintest idea. Why don't you call a medical examiner and ask. You'll break the ice with him; so there won't be any sexual tension before he gets to look at you through a Y incision.

Can you snort Lortabs?

Lortabs are a mixture of acetaminophen and hydrocodone, knowing how to take it is important. It can be snorted if crushed, however, it is suggested to take it orally.

What happens if you snorted 4 adderall xr in less than 24hrs now suffering panic attacks and doctor says have hyperthyrodism how long before adderall leaves system?

DEATH. GO to the emergency room right now.

What drug is called molly?

I was told that molly are extacy crushed and snorted through nasal cavity. seems to be the new thing rappers talk about.

Can tramadol be sniffed or injected or smoked even?

Anything that can be crushed can be snorted. Put it on foil, if it smokes, then smoke it. Cook it down on a spoon and find out. Idiot.