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If I were to Cosign for someone so they could get a car what happends What is my obligation then?


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You could be held liable for the payments if the other party defaults. Your signing the contract is "insurance" for the lender that payments will be made, and they will consider you responsible if the primary party defaults.


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Co-signing a note means you will be legally liable if that person can not pay.

An obligation is something you are bound by duty to do. It could be a legal obligation arising from a contract, in which a person has promised to do a certain thing as a part of the contract. It could be a moral or ethical obligation which could arise as a result of a promise which is not legally binding, or from a relationship. E.g. "You said you'd visit the sick and elderly after church and you have an obligation to follow through." "I feel that, as a friend, I have an obligation to attend her funeral." "It's your obligation to take care of your brother's widow and children."

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That would depend on the rules and procedures of the loan provider. If the cosigner alleged that the signature was not theirs, it could create a problem if the signature was not properly witnessed.

No. Identification is too significant to allow one to replace another for a draft. The above answer is certainly correct today in the United States, and has been since the early 20th century. Being drafted is a legal personal obligation, and cannot be discharged by any other person (in the same way that you can't pay someone to serve a prison sentence for you). However, before that, it was entirely possible to pay someone to serve your obligation. This was particularly prevalent in the North during the American Civil War.

NO! because the bottom line is the lein holder does not care and has no obligation to allow the buyer to keep the automobile. There is no recourse for someone that has a repo order issued for a car based on medical necessity. You could request a hearing on replevin to show investment but it is a waste of time

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The best way to receive a good interest rate on your loan is to either have a good credit score or have someone cosign with a good credit score. You can usually receive the best rates with banks or credit unions that you have been a member of for a prolonged period of time.

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They could still cosign. It would mainly land on the bank to see if they would approve this person as a cosigner. More then likely they would if they have a mortgage as well as 2 other car loans that are up to date. This person probably has very good credit and all they'd need is a good amount of funds coming in to get approved.

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