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Some believe that Noah could not have gathered every animal on the earth and build the ark at the same time, he only had animals from his local region. Others would say that Noah didn't do the gathering, but God summoned them to the ark. Exactly how some of the animals who would've been blocked by water made it to the ark is another question, though if God could allow Peter to walk on water, He could've done the same for the other animals.

The ark landed only once, according to The Bible. The animals would have all had to walk back to where they lived, or be transported by God by whatever method He used to get them there in the first place.

Beam me up ScottySome swam back.

all the continents lumped together is called Pangaea. Google video has cool vids of this topic and there's quit a bit of interest about the realness of this "theory". If pangaea existed then all the animals would have walked. I find it odd how the animals in the waters were to die as well, you'd think the sharks would've had a whale of a time feeding on the dead carcasses floating about. I think more occurred than just water flooding the land mass. I purport that the earth increased in size and the continents blasted apart, hence dead fish lol. Then maybe god snuck over to North America and created a few moose, some eagles and those pesky but cute sea lions lol. Of course there is the Bering sea where animals could have walked. Its not impossible for god to do anything, he may have just materialized them in the ark, after building an ark in a desert what would surprise you next lol. Since the bible occupies all of its time in the Middle East what went on in north America south America and Australia etc.. didn't matter and god did what he did elsewhere. With every good and great plan there are always loose ends to clean up somehow.

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Q: If Noah had different animals from all over the world did he drop them off where they live today or did they walk back?
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Into what did Noah march a pair of each of the world's animals?

Only the unclean animals went in pairs into the ark.

How many animals died on board Noah's Ark?

No animals died on Noah's Ark.

How many different types of animals were on Noah's Ark?

Every kind of animal that exists.

Why had pharaoh or Noah started monarchy?

to have a different religion in the world

What was Noah's purpose?

To build a boat, to save the animals because the world was going to be flooded.

How many pairs of 2 was there on Noah's Ark?

there were 20 different animals on Noah's ark, but that number may not be accurate because the scene was such a long time ago.. ;D

How would the world be different if Noah did not take his family and pair of each animal on the ark to weather the flood?

There would be no land animals or people, since all would have perished in the Flood.

What are all the names of the animals that were in Noahs Ark during the flood?

Horses Zebras Lions Leopards tigers bears... oh my! :) All of the animals that you see today are desendancess from the animals in Noah's Ark. (of course, that is legand)

Did Noah name any animals?

Adam named the animals.

Which animals went into noah's ark in pairs?

The unclean animals.

How many clean animals did god say for Noah to take on the ark?

Two of each type of animals came to Noah ark.

Why was Noah important in the Old Testament?

Nearly all ancient Near Eastern religions had a flood story, and the Hebrew religion was no different. Noah and his family were the sole survivors of the world-wide flood of the Hebrew legend recorded in the Book of Genesis, and therefore the putative ancestors of all people living today.

How can you use the moral of the Noah makes the ark today?

Noah obeyed God.

How does hem noah's son affect today?

People have traditionally believed that all the people's of the world are descended from Noah's three sons. The sons' names are Shem, Ham, and Japheth.

Did the animals on Noah's ark get sick?


How did Noah get the animals on board?

God sent the animals and they walked on board themselves. Then Noah and his family went in, and God shut the door of the ark.

What is sacrifice Noah made for God?

Noah sacrificed clean birds and animals to god.

What was the biggest flood in the world?

The biggest flood ever is the flood when Noah built the ark to save animals and humanity

Who was the last one to get in the boat of Noah?

Noah was the last one to get inside Noah's Ark, he wanted to ensure that all of the animals was in the boat

How many animals did Noah's ark have?

We don't know exactly how many animals Noah had, but he was instructed to take two of each animal, male and female. The animals were sent to him to go into the ark.

Did all of Noah's sons get in the ark?

Noah had 3 sons: Shem, Ham, and Japheth and all 3 of them with their wives did get onto the ark, also two of every animal and seven of different types of animals.

How did the animals go to noah?

God brought them to him.

Did Noah pair all the animals?


Where did Noah and animals board the ark?


What did Noah say when the animals started climbing the ark?

he brought the animals to the ark