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The best ways to dialate are to have unprotected sex with your partner so you don't get HIV or anything else. The sperm helps soften and dialate the cervix. Make sure that your water hasn't broke yet and that you are far enough along to have the baby. Another thing that helps release the chemical oxytocin(might be spelled wrong) in the brain is to rub your nipples. Just rub them and in about 25-30 mins you should start to have contractions. This is something that your partner can do for you. Walking also helps bring on contractions when you're 39-41 wks just don't lay down when you start to have contractions, keep walking.

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What colors need to be mixed to make raspberry?

Scarlet and a little pink.

What is a mixed drink of rum raspberry and citrus juices sugar and spices called?


When sugar and salt are mixed together are what?

the answer is whenthey mixed they are together in a mixture

What is raspberry leaf used for?

The Raspberry leaf contains tantin,oxalic acid and pectin. and used as astringent,decongestant and opthalmic use.Raspberry leaves mixed with blackberry leaves can be brewed as coffee or tea.

What are the uses of a raspberry leaf?

Raspberry leaves have many uses.It is used as an astringent,for decongestions and opthalmic use. It is brewed as tea or mixed with blackberry leaves to brew a type of alternative coffee drink.

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the spices that the greeks used where: rosemary parsely and mixed herbs!!;

What is it called when 2 substances are mixed together?

a solution is two substance mixed together

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Red and Yellow mixed together makes orange.

What red and yellow mixed together?

When red and yellow are mixed together, they create orange.

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22! Blue Raspberry, Grape, Watermelon, Green Apple, Strawberry, and Cherry. sour green apple, sour watermelon, sour cherry, sour blue raspberry, sour wild strawberry, raspberry, wild strawberry, mountain berry, strawberry-watermelon, raspberry lemonade, cherry-orange, grape-green apple, blue raspberry-watermelon, peach, mixed berry, orange, and cinnamon fire.

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Yellow and blue make green when mixed together.

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Orange and blue mixed together makes brown

What is it called when a solid and a liquid are mixed together?

When a solid and a liquid are mixed together it is called a solution.

What is yellow and blue and red mixed together?

Mixing the primary colours will result in black if the colours are equally mixed, and brown if they are unequally mixed.

What are the reactants in this equation?

Reactants in an equation are the elements that are mixed together. The products are the end result of the reactants that are mixed together.

What is a homogeneous mixture in which particles are mixed together but not dissolved?

A colloid is a homogeneous mixture in which particles are mixed together but not dissolved.

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yes they can

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Snow and strong winds are mixed together to make a blizzard.

What Colors Mixed Together Make Violet?

Blue and red mixed together make violet, or purple.

What color is red and yellow make mixed together?

When they are mixed together, red and yellow create orange.

Is two or more substances mixed together but not chemically combined?

If two or more substances are mixed together and become chemically bonded, then it is a compound however if they are mixed together and are not chemically bonded then a mixture is created.

Describe what happens when liquids are mixed with solids?

it depends on what is mixed together

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Yes, enamel paints can be mixed.

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All of the primary colors mixed together would create brown.