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Early emancipation in Georgia is not available except in special circumstances as defined by the court. Georgia Code Title 39-1-1 "The age of legal majority in this state is 18 years; until that age all persons are minors." Therefore any minor leaving the parental home w/o parental consent being given to another qualified adult relating to the minor's care; would be considered a absentee minor. Said minor would be subject to being remanded into custody by authorities even if they crossed state lines.

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Q: If a 16-year-old gets emancipated in Georgia can they move to Indiana?
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If a minor gets married are they emancipated?

In the US, and assuming the marriage is legal, then yes, they're emancipated.

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Sorry, but being stupid does not make one an adult. Georgia doesn't have an emancipation statute, which means the children are under their parents control until they are adults.

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