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Depends.. If you are emancipated.. I'm not sure the court would grant you "child support"..But if you are not legally emancipated, then check your state's law book about the age of majority.. in some states (like Illinois) the legal age of "majority" (an adult) is 17 and I believe that you would no longer qualify for child support. * The minor would need to be granted an emancipation decree before he or she could legally leave parental custody. When emancipation is granted the minor becomes a legal adult and therefore is not eligible to receive child support. One of the requirements of being emancipated is that the minor is gainfully employed and capable of supporting themselves and conducting their personal and financial affairs without the intervention of other adults. FYI, the legal age of majority for Illinois is 18, the same as it is in all other US states with the exception of Nebraska where it is 19. The age at which a minor can be charged and tried as an adult for a criminal offense (or in rare cases in civil action) in Illinois is 17, this stipulation has no bearing on the age of majority (18).

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How do you amend a previous custodial agreement?

The requesting parent must file a custodial suit in the appropriate court in the state where the minor child resides.

What steps do you take to receive child support from a non custodial parent who lives in a different state?

The same process is used as when a non custodial parent resides in the same jurisdiction as the minor child/children. The custodial parent or legal guardian would file suit in the appropriate state court for an order of support. When the lawsuit is filed a summons will be served upon the non custodial parent (defendant) informing he or she of the suit.

If one parent has primary custody and the other parent has visitation which one is the custodial parent?

The custodial parent is the parent in which the child resides with. My son lives with me and I am the custodial parent, his dad has visitation rights and pays child support.

What happens if the child support case is in Louisiana but the custodial parent now lives in Mississippi and the non custodial parent lives in South Carolina?

Usually the case will be closed and the custodial parent will have to re-file in the state where she/he resides.

If the non custodial parent have the children living in the household in another state does the non custodial parent have to file to change the child support order in that state of the child resides?


What can be done if custodial parent sends child out of state during noncustodial perants scheduled visits?

The non-custodial parent should file a motion in the court with jurisdiction (where the child resides) for contempt of court on the part of the custodial parent. If the contempt continues, the custodial parent may be fined, jailed or custody modified to favor the non-custodial parent.

If the custodial parent lives in a different state then the noncustodial parent which state determines child support?

The State in which the child resides.

Can a father of a child born out of wedlock enroll him in a school where he resides when child's mother has always enrolled him in school where she resides?

Only the legal guardian or custodial parent can do this and in this case I have a feeling it's the mother so no, he can not.

How are child support papers serve in North Carolina?

The summons will be served by the sheriff department of the county where the non custodial parent resides.

How can you get child support if your kids father is deported?

Unfortunately the custodial parent would not be successful in attempting to enforce a support order against a non custodial parent who resides outside the U.S. Neither state nor federal agencies have legal jurisdiction in such civil matters. What is possible is, any assets such as bank accounts and property belonging to the non custodial parent that is within U.S. jurisdiction can be appropriated and used for the absentee parent's child support obligations. In some situations the custodial parent can file a lawsuit for support in the country where the non custodial parent resides. This action, however, can be very expensive and lengthy in nature with no guarantee of support enforcement even if an award is granted.

If a parent's normal visitation is interrupted by a holiday are they entitled to make up the lost visitation time?

Custodial issues are determined by the terms of the original or amended custodial/visitation court order. If the order does not specify the terms of such issues as holidays, it is up to the primary custodial parent (the one whom the child resides) to decide when or if visitation should occur.

Is insurance required for a teenage driver who lives with you but received license from non-custodial parent and only drives when with them?

This teenager did not get a license from the non-custodial parent. He got it from the State. And if he is licensed and resides in your household, your insurance company needs to know. He just might have to drive you to the ER or something.

What happens if the non custodial parent moves out of state and then files for custody?

Custody issues are decided in the state where the child resides. Therefore, if you file for custody, but the child lives in another state, your claim will have no grounds.

What happens when you are paying child support but being denied visitation and your child resides in a different state?

The non-custodial parent should file for visitation rights for the child in the county where custody was given. If the parent who has custody of the child is preventing the non-custodial parent the right of visitation they can be found in contempt of court if visitation has already been established. If the custodial parent has too many repeated contempts filed against them, custody can be switched to the other parent.

My friend has a teen with 27 absences this semester resides in North Dallas child is 13 The other parent hides it Legal consequences to non-custodial parent and what action can parent take?

The school system will send out a truancy officer, who will site the child for truancy and the custodial parent for allowing it. Your friend, the noncustodial parent, has recourse in civil court. He/she can take the custodial parent back to court (with the school records) and file to be named managing conservator.

How do you get sole custody?

Generally you would file a petition for sole custody in the state court in the county where the minor child resides, however, in some US states the suit will need to be filed with the court that issued the original custodial agreement.

Can the custodial parent get the custody case moved to their own state if neither of the parents live in the city where case was placed?

If the other parents still resides in the jurisdiction of the original order, they can fight to have that state retain authority over the case.

When both parents have joint legal and primary custodial parent leaves the child with the non custodial in another state is this child abandonment?

That depends on state law where the child legally resides (or country if outside the USA). Every place has a different statute or guideline regarding what constitutes abandonment and in all cases, any extenuating circumstances are taken into consideration before making such a ruling.

How do you get child support if the child lives in Georgia and the father lives in Tennessee?

The custodial parent or legal guardian files a lawsuit for child support in the state in which the minor child resides (in this case, Georgia). The non custodial parent will be served with a summons regardless of where he or she lives. Federal law mandates all U.S. states honor and enforce child support lawsuits and/or orders of support.

If the father pays child support it gives him the right to claim them as dependents?

If the child resides with you and more then half of the cost for the child is supplied by the father. The non-custodial parent can claim the child as a dependent if he has a court order stating thus. Otherwise no.

Is there a law that states that a custodial parent whom receives child support must have that child living with them in their custody?

In order to receive child support and the whole idea and the point for receiving child support is because the child resides with the person that is receiving it. Now you may want to check your local laws incase for some reason they are different but yes the child must live with the person receiving the child support.

Which state do you have to file for custody if the child lives in another state than yourself?

Generally, in the state where the child resides.Generally, in the state where the child resides.Generally, in the state where the child resides.Generally, in the state where the child resides.

How does a parent who has primary physical custody obtain sole custodial rights?

In some states a petition can be filed by the primary custodian to amend the current custodial order. The usual procedure is to file a new custody suit/petition in the appropriate state court in the county where the petitioner resides. Judges are very reluctant to grant sole custody to one parent. It is generally granted only when the non custodial parent agrees to relinquish their parental rights or a parent is found guilty of abuse and/or neglect and/or endangerment.

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