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If you are in the US it depends on which state she lives in. The states where the age of consensual sex is set at 18 are California, Delaware, Florida, Idaho, North Dakota, Oregon, Tennessee, Utah, Virginia, Washington state amd Wisconsin. All other state ages of consensual sex are under 18. There are a few states that have laws pertaining to age differences between the consensual parties, however such laws are seldom enforced unless there are mitigating circumstances. Given the situation described it is highly unlikely authorities would intervene or the adult male would be charged with a criminal offense.

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Q: If a 17-year-old is pregnant and almost turning 18 can her boyfriend get in trouble with the law if he is over 21?
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He can go to jail for rape and well get into a lot of trouble

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If your 16 years old and boyfriend turning 18 and married would he go to jail still?


If your 17 and pregnant in Texas can you move out of your parents house?

No. Getting pregnant does not emancipate a minor or give them any adult rights. Turning 18 emancipates a minor.

You are 17 and pregnant can you be legally emancipated in New Jersey?

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Im 14 years old turning 15 in August and your boyfriend is 18 your grandparent knows you are dating and you have had sex but im scared if you get pregnant can he get in trouble help please you really?

Yes he can. Statutory rape is the charge and the penalty depends on the state but also your grandparents can be charged with aiding to statutory rape if they know you are having sex. Wait until it's legal and check age of consent laws in your state. He is not the one I would worry about at this point. He is an adult and should know his responsibilities.