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Until you are 18, or are legally emancipated, you won't be able to sign a binding contract for the lease. But the owner may accept the cosigner's signature.

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Q: If a 17-year-old with a 6-month-old wanted to move out in Missouri could they sign a contract with a cosigner for an apartment?
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Is it legal to rent out an apartment without a contract For example after showing an apartment the tenant wants the apartment but will not sign a contract but will provide id?

It's legal - it might not be a good idea.

In the state of Texas what is the legal age to rent an apartment?

When you rent an apartment you have to sign a contract whatever is the legal age to sign a contract is what you are looking for

What is the legal age for a minor to move out of their parents home in the state of Missouri?

18 when you become an adult. Below the age of 18 a minor can't sign a contract or rent an apartment.

What is the legal age for renting an apparentment in Missouri?

18. In all 50 states it is 18. A person under the age of 18 can not sign a contract and renting an apartment requires income and to sign a lease.

Can a minor enter a contract to rent an apartment?

Yes, but it is not enforceable.

What kind of legal agreement should be used when one lets an apartment?

One should use a contract or legal binding wen letting an apartment. This contract should state the period of time, the price and taxes information. This contract should also state descriptions of the apartment and terms of use.

Can a minor disaffirm the lease of a apartment even if the apartment is not necseeary?

A minor cannot sign a binding contract for lease of a premises.

What is the Missouri statute of limitations on a written contract?

Missouri has a five-year and a ten-year statute of limitation that apply to contract disputes. The Missouri Supreme Court, clarifying 150 years of confusion, holds that the ten-year statute applies to contract disputes regarding payment of money.

How do you get out of a contract to rent an apartment?

If you paid a deposit they will want to keep your deposit and then may let you out of it. Read the fine print in your contract.

Average electric bill 2 bedroom apartment?

It depends where you live and the contract you have.

Can a parent sign for a 17 year old to get an apartment?

No, you have to be 18 to sign a contract.

Can a apartment complex deny you from renewing contract?

Yes, just as you can decide to move.

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