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You are not emancipated just because you are pregnant. Being a parent under the age of majority does not change that. And Indiana does not have an emancipation statute. However, they minor does have rights when it comes to the child and should contact social services in their community to discuss their options.

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Q: If a 17 year old becomes pregnant does that make her responsible and emancipated per Indiana law?
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Can you get emancipated if you have a child?

any girl automatically becomes emancipated when pregnant. it is a little known law. hidden to try to stop girls getting pregnant just to become emancipated

Are you legally emancipated if you get pregnant without your parents consent?

In almost all states and circumstances, a minor who becomes pregnant out of wedlock is not automatically emancipated because of it.

If a minor becomes pregnant is she emancipated?

Only medically regarding herself and the child.

Does a minor become emancipated if she becomes pregnant at age 15 in the state of Tennessee?

Of course not! Emancipation is for those that are responsible and able to take care of themselves. Getting pregnant at 15 does not show that. And Tennessee does not have an emancipation statute.

Can you stop paying child support if she becomes pregnant?

No, your child will not be emancipated because she is pregnant and her parents still have to support her until she is.

What legal responsibilities does a parent have for a child who becomes emancipated?

None. When a minor is granted emancipation he or she becomes a legal adult and the parents are no longer financially or legally responsible.

If a 17-year-old gets pregnant is she considered an adult?

There is only one US state that considers a minor who is at least 16 to be emancipated if she becomes pregnant, that state is Wisconsin.

Is a pregnant 16-year-old considered legally emancipated in Tennessee?

No, a minor who becomes pregnant is not automatically emancipated. The minor female can petition the court for emancipation rights for the purpose of becoming eligible for public assistance for herself and her unborn child if the situation warrants such action.

Who is responsible for medical expenses when a minor becomes pregnant?

Their legal parent(s) or guardian(s).

Does a pregnant minor get medically emancipated?

There is no such status as medically emancipated. A minor female bearing a child has no bearing on her underage status. A minor becomes emancipated by: Being granted emancipation rights through the court of jurisdiction and marriage. It means you are the only one deciding regarding your health when you are pregnant. No one can tell you what to do regarding the pregnancy or the child when he/she is born. You are the only one who decides.

Are parents legally responsible for a married seventeen year old?

No, when one marries under the age of eighteen one becomes an emancipated minor. In the USA, at least.

In the state of WV is a minor considered emancipated when she becomes pregnant?

No. Being pregnant/having a child does not emancipate a minor in any state of the US. She is still subject to the control and authority of her parents until she turns 18.

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