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the distributor is the likely culprit.

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Q: If a 1989 Camry engine stops running at odd times and then will start back up like nothing happened what could be the problem?
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Why does an engine keep running when ignition key is turned off?

Its not your engine. Its the fan running to cool the engine down. They all do it and nothing is wrong with your car.

Will the purge valve make your 2001 1.8L Prism not accelerate?

No it would not as it is for emissions only and has nothing to do with engine running. If you have a problem then you will need to have the engine scanned for codes and diagnosed. That should fix your running problem. If you have not replaced the fuel filter in the last 2 years or 30,000 miles then that should help the situation.

1998 GMC Suburban Fuel Pump does not stop running after engine is on Is this a problem?

no as long as the engine is running the pump needss to remain on

Is it a problem on your Honda Del Sol to not have an oil filter?

Not a problem unless you plan on running the engine... Of course it is a problem. An oil filter is mandatory for the life of the engine.

Oil leaking nothing on bottom of car what could be the problem?

oil can be leaking from higher up on engine. u just need to clean engine, then after running for awhile, look for leak, be aware that oil on engine can be blown back over engine by the fan, so some hard looking may be what it takes to find the problem

What happens to a non running car with no oil?

Nothing provided the engine is not started up. With no oil, a running engine would eventually seize up.

Check engine light comes on when key turned on but not coming on once engine is turned on why?

It is not supposed to be on when engine is running unless there is a problem.

Your 96 infinity i30 idle is not at 0 zero is that a problem?

No, an engine idle RPM being not zero is not a problem. If the idle were zero, the engine would not be running!

Can a abs brake sensor cause an engine to stop running?

No it will not. YOU have another problem.

What does the trouble code c1122 for suzuki swift 2001?

The power steering module has lost the engine speed signal. This is normal if the engine is not running. If the fault code comes up with the engine running, you have a problem.

Why won't Isuzu truck manual transmission not shift at all?

Your statement is a little inconclusive. Will the transmission shift when the engine is turned off, but not shift when the engine is running? If it is jammed and refusing to move even with the engine off, the problem will be inside the gearbox and usually related to the selector forks and or rods. If the the problem is there only when the engine is running the problem will be related to the clutch assembly, which is failing to disengage the gearbox from the engine

Check engine light blinks and engine is running rough on a 2002 ford explorer?

have vehicle scanned to determine the problem

Why would a 99 Mazda stop running then start and run fine again like nothing happened?

Many times an electronic fuel pump, that is going bad, will cause the engine to stop running and then start again. The fuel pump will eventually get worse.

What would cause a b and s engine not to run right?

First off you are running a bs engine. So there is your problem right there.

Your 97 Tahoe stopped running as you were driving down the road why?

this happened on me, it turned out to be the earth strap from the engine to the chassis had gone rotten and broke loose, this stopped the engine from running but it would still turn over

How can i fix my Astra's cold running I warm the engine up in a traffic jam and its show's temperature is normal a but when running the engine cools down and the engine starts to stutter What can i do?

Sounds like you have a faulty thermostat. Its nothing expensive on hard to replace.

Why would your oil pressure sensor register no pressure if the car is running fine?

Many sending units do not have continuity below 6-7psi. This would cause the gauge to read nothing and indicate a base engine problem. Some type of engine noise would be associated with this concern (ie. ticking, rattling). The sending unit or wire to the gauge could be open. This would be an electrical problem and have nothing to do with the engine. Along that same line would be a defective gauge.

Why is your van astro 93 will not start in cold or rain weather expect you jump start it and the battery is good?

Open up the engine cover- observe the coil when the engine is running-give it some gas- if you see arcing on the coil- this is your problem-I had a similar problem in rain especially-this solved it Open up the engine cover- observe the coil when the engine is running-give it some gas- if you see arcing on the coil- this is your problem-I had a similar problem in rain especially-this solved it

Which of the following is not a true statement about a poorly running engine?

The engine could stall when you are on the road, causing a traffic problem.

What is the life expectancy of a catalytic converter on a 94 Honda Accord?

It should last the life of the car if you maintain the car as you should. Let the engine start running rich and do nothing to repair this condition and it will destroy the converter. But keep the engine tuned up and running as it should and you will never have to replace the converter. NEVER had a problem with my 1996 HONDA ACCORD engine and CATALYTIC CONVERTER needed to be replaced at 220,000 MILES.

What is running mate in engine?

what is the running mate in engine

Ford Falcon 1989 ea 3.9 engine keeps running after turn off?

You have a problem with the ignition in the steering columm, or there is a problem with the anti dieseler switch in the engine compartment. Depending the year of the automobile.

Does water remain in engine block when cars not running?

There is coolant in the engine block when the engine is not running. The engine block, heater, hoses and radiator remain full when engine is not running.

Why does my engine light stay on my 96 geo prism when nothing is wrong with the engine?

I was told by a mechanic that whenever the engine light is on, it's because of an emission problem. To find out what kind of problem, you need to have it checked by a diagnostic machine at an auto shop.

Why does my Car engine continue running when the ignition is switch off?

It sounds like your dizzy cap isn't lined right which causes the engine to stay running after the ignition has been switched off. i had the same problem with my fiesta

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