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If a 1993 Chevy Camaro has a blown head gasket how long will it take to fix it and how much will it cost?

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i am not onehundred percent on what motor you have, bu t a head gasket is a realativly cheap part, you can get a pait for under 75 bucks, unless your motor is an lt-1 in which i cannot even begin to know. the labor time can vary depending on if you pull the motor and trans, but it is a relativly easy job to do if you have the nesesary tools to get the job done. tq wrench, cherry picker, stack of wrenches....

2015-07-16 19:27:12
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Gas tank 1993 Chevy Camaro?

what about it?

Can you put a V8 into a 1993 Chevy Camaro?


Where is the starter located 1993 Chevy Camaro?

The 1993 Chevy Camaro starter can be found on the right hand side of the engine. You can follow the positive at three cable directly to the starter.

How much horsepower does a 1993 3.4 L v6 Chevy camaro have?


What type of automatic transmission does a 1993 Chevy Camaro z28 come with stock?


What if your 1993 Nissan terrano 2 has got no acceleration and smokes?

sounds like a blown head gasket.

Will a 305 Chevy fit in a 1994 Chevy Camaro?

yes you can the bigest that i know off hand you can put in a 1993 to a 2001 is a 383

What caused the AC to stop working on a 1993 Chevy?

Blown fuse? Refrigerant leak?

How do you Replace head gasket Chevy Suburban?

what is the preceger for replacing the head gaskets on a 1993 chevy suburban 4x4 350

What caouses oil in breather?

In my 1993 Ford F-150, I had oil in the breather due to a blown head gasket.

What do i do if there's water in the cylinders of my 1993 Nissan Sentra?

have a mechanic sheck for a blown head gasket or a craked head

How do you get ABS codes off of a 1993 Chevy Camaro Z28 without having to take your car to a dealership?

Go on line and type in; abs code for 1993 camaro and click on on of the sites. It tells different codes for the different problems other people had with there camaro.

Oil in coolant reservoir what oil is it in a 1993 88 Royale?

Blown head gasket, cracked hed or cracked block

You have an 1993 jeep Cherokee with 140000 miles and have noticed some foam on the oil dipstick Would that be caused by a bad head gasket or cracked head?

Blown head gasket

Where can you find website new inexpensive engines for a 1995 Chevy camaro and 1993 Pontiac grand am?

The best deal is right form your Chevy dealer.

Will 1993 Camaro rims fit a 1991 Camaro?

Yes, but 1991 rims will NOT fit a 1993 camaro

How do you remove a starter for Chevy Camaro v8 93?

Begin by removing the positive cable from your 1993 Chevy Camaro battery. Remove the cables from the front of the starter. Remove the starter retaining bolts. The starter will come off.

How much would it cost to repair a blown head gasket on a 1993 Ford Explorer?

The cost to repair a blown head gasket on a 1993 Ford Explorer can range anywhere from $800 to well over $1,000. It usually takes between 7-10 hours of mechanical labor to fix a head gasket. Pricing will vary depending on the labor rate as well as the labor time.

How do you fix a blown head gasket in a 1993 Mazda mx3?

You pull the head off and change the head gasket. There is no treatment for a blow gasket, exept changing it. Its a pretty huge job I would suggest getting it at the garage and get a quote.

What would make my dashboard lights not work in my 1993 Chevy blazer Tahoe?

A blown fuse can make your dashboard lights to not work in your 1993 Chevy Blazer Tahoe. A burned out bulb can also cause this.

What is fuel pressure on 1993 Chevy Camaro with 3.4?

9 to 13 LBS. No higher are lower, are you will have starting are running problems.

Spark plug firing order for 3.4l 1993 Chevy camaro?


What vehicles are rear wheel drive?

1993-1995 Chevy Camaro. Most sport cars are rear wheel drive.

You got water leaking in your oil on 1993 Chevy beretta 2point3L quad 4 Head gasket or Water Pump?

More than likely a head gasket.

Where is the throttle body base gasket 1993 Chevy s10 pickup?

The throttle body base gasket would be located between the throttle body and the intake manifold.