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If a 1995 Olds Aurora hesitates and shakes really bad while driving what could this be?


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Hey John==It sounds like it is missing on one or more cylinders.Have it checked out. Good luckJoe

Sounds like the tires you are using. Upgrade to a V rated tires. Mine are smooth. Get the intake cleaned. Made a big difference in mine. Use on Premium fuel.

It sounds like you are missing on 1 or more cylinders. On this vehicle, the coil pack is a likely ciulprit. They are a fairly easy change, and should go for $50 or less at a parts store. Going to a reputable repair shop and paying for a diagnostic test is worth the money. It could also be bad injectors. Fuel consumption will probably have risen noticeably for either problem.


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Your car is not getting enough fuel if it hesitates to take off and shakes. The fuel filter might be plugged or you might have the wrong gas in your tank.

engine rubber mounts or timin out

Need more info like what is the vehicle doing when it shakes, is it idling in park, driving down the road, braking, driving at highway speeds, etc.

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You may have a ball joint going out or your wheels are unbalanced

you will need a front wheel alignment

if it shakes while your braking your front roters could be warped or if it shakes while your driving try balancing the tires at a tire shop.

Carburator problems -- dirty gas -- water in gas

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If your car shakes only when your going a certain speed, it is most likely resonance. Which means your wheel weights are off, or maybe you dont have any. But if it always shakes, it could be a bent rim. The final option, is something else, it could be many different things

Many things can cause the steering wheel to shake when you are driving. However, the most common cause of steering wheel shaking is a bent wheel.

Not running on all cylinders - Could be anything from a bad spark plug or wire to a bad valve or piston Check plugs and wires Do a compression test to determine if problem is internal

Usually when the steering wheel shakes badly while driving it could mean a few things. If it shakes only when you are applying the brakes, this means you have warped rotors and they will need to be turned or replaced. If it shakes just while driving, it could be that you have 1 or more tires that are unbalanced. Check this first before proceeding. It can also indicate that a wheel alignment and perhaps steering linkage repairs are necessary.

Shakes and shimmies? Try getting your tires balanced and your front end aligned. That might help.

if the steering wheel shakes there can be a problem with alignment. shaking when braking would probably be a brake problem. constant shaking i'd expect you should check the muffler If the front end of your car shakes when just driving normally, your front end probably needs re-aligning. If it shakes when you apply the brakes only, your brake rotors are probably warped and need re-surfaceing. Impossible to answer question, please be more specific. It shakes when... I feel it shake in the steering wheel when... I'm driving along and... etc. It depends on WHEN it shakes. Low speed driving: damaged tire, U-Joint, ignition misfire, burned valve, low engine RPM. Highway driving: loose steering, faulty ball joints, tire balance, bent wheel, tire damage. Engine idle: burned valve, ignition misfire, motor mounts, low engine RPM, dirty injectors, EGR valve... All of the above plus quite a few other possibilities.

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Most likely bad tire or a wheel bent, or out of balance

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