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If a Eastern Painted Turtle get its leg bitten off will it grow back or will it get sick and die?

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If the eastern painted turtle gets its leg bitten off will it grow back or get sick and die?

No, the leg will not grow back. You should take your turtle to the vet IMMEDIATELY your turtle could die from blood loss or infection.

Is a eastern painted turtle a water turtle?

Yes a eastern painted turtle is a water turtle, you can tell by it having either claws or webbed feet on their back legs

What kind of turtle has yellow lines on his BACK?

I have a turtle just like that and im guessing its a painted turtle. but im not sure.

How do you bite into a cake and get bitten back?

if the cake was an unbaked snapping turtle cake then sure this would happen

How can you determine the age of a Eastern Box turtle?

To estimate count the number of boxes on its back.

Why does my pregnant turtle keep flipping over She has laid one egg so far and btw it's a painted turtle and she keeps flipping on her back?

If your paint turtle has all of her eggs and continues to flip over on her back i would recommend taking her to the vet for a better medical exam.

What happens to a painted turtle that has had no sunlight for 3 years?

its back oxides to the point where it cant breath roperly and then it removes its shell and dies

What is a turtle with a red back called?

A turtle with a red back is called a "red back turtle"

Will mt turtles nails grow back after being bitten off?

depends on WHERE the nail was bit. if it was directly off of the foot then robably not depending on the damage beneath the skin. if it was only bitten off the nail then yes like us turtle nails can grow back. think of it as clipping your nails.

How do you tell the difference of a male or a female painted turtle?

you can tell the difference cause the males have longer claws(nails) and it's back is kinda square.

When was Turtle Back Zoo created?

Turtle Back Zoo was created in 1963.

What vintage dolls came with jewelry on them the doll has a turtle on the back of her neck a number 36 has rubber bands attaching her limbs painted eyes and mouth has two teeth.?

The dolls with the turtle mark were made in Germany,by a company named Schildkrot.

Does the red eared nose spotted monkey have any natural predators?

yes there is two that i know of. the eastern diamond back snake and desert turtle

How can you tell the age of a turtle?

Count the rings on the back of your turtle.

Is the leather back turtle the biggest turtle?

Yes, I think it is.

Does a human tongue grow back if it is bitten off?


What should you do if you get bitten by a snake in the out back?

run away

Is it ok to kick a turtle when its on its back?

Of course not. A turtle is GOD'S creations.

What is the name of a turtle with spikes on the back?

Black-knobbed map turtle or an Alligator snapping turtle

How much water should you put in a tank for a painted turtle?

That depends on the size of the turtle and the size of your tank. If the turtle is the size of your palm or smaller then fill the tank no more than 2-3 times his height (as if he were standing all the way up on his back two feet). If the turtle is larger than that you can fill a tank up to around 2 feet deep. Make sure the turtle has a spot where he can get out of the water easily to bask under a light.

Do painted Petpets on Neopets go back to their original if you put them back into your inventory?

If the Petpet has been zapped by the Petpet laboratory ray it will go back to its original form, but if it has been painted with a paintbrush it will stay painted.

Where did the name 'leather back turtle' come from?

The name "leather back turtle" comes from the turtles soft, leathery shell. Unlike most turtles, the leather back turtle has a flexible shell.

Can a turtle that was find on the outside live inside the house?

Yes it can. I found a painted turtle that was badly hurt and I nursed it back to good health and it has been with me for a year now and is just fine. I provide it with an aquarium to live in with plenty of water which is changed every week. It is important to keep them clean.

How can you attract a turtle back to your house?

You can attract a turtle by putting out lettuce or carrots!!

What are the names of house of turtle?

A turtle carries his for life on his back- it's his shell.