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no, he needs to get a 3 year stay


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No. Neither will automatically become citizen of the other country.

yes, any child that is born in Canada automatically is a Canadian Citizen

Yes; Mexican citizenship is automatically granted to people born in Mexican soil or having one or both Mexican parents. Mexican law also allows you to have dual citizenship if you were born on a foreign land or any of your parents is a non-Mexican citizen.

You never loss you citizenship, unless certain acts of war (treason, defection) are committed. No, if you marry to a Mexican in Mexico, you don't loss you citizenship. You should note, however, that he/she is not granted American citizenship automatically.

US citizenship cannot be lost by her becoming a Mexican citizen. Mexico would control whether she becomes a Mexican citizen. US has no involvement in the process.

No you will not become a Mexican citizen but you will have Mexican recidency. Your fiancee can have the option to apply for citizenship later on if she wants.

marry a Mexican citizen apply for citizenship after 2 years of been together, move to Mexico work or live there for more than 5 years apply for citizenship

More than likely, you are already a Mexican citizen. Get your birth documents together and just get a mexican passport to prove Mexican citizenship.

Yes. You must be Mexican by birthright and have one or both parents of Mexican citizenship.

only men marry with women not citizen with citizen

Yes, the child is entitled to hold citizenship of both Mexico and the US.

You must move to Mexico with your spouse and live there for two years with an immigrant visa, then you can apply for Mexican citizenship. You can have both a Mexican and a US passport and be a dual citizen. If you were not married to a Mexican citizen, you would have to live there for four years.

If at least one of your parents is Mexican, you are also a Mexican citizen regardless of where you were born. If not, the only way i see is go thru the Mexican naturalizatin process.AnswerAlso qualifies as a Mexican if at least one of your parent's parents is a Mexican. It does not matter if they got naturalized as an American citizen, they still hold Mexican citizenship, too.

Yes; Mexican and American laws allow for a person to hold dual citizenship.

Most foreigners can obtain a Mexican passport if they move to Mexico with an immigrant visa and live there for four years (2 years if married to a Mexican citizen). Then one can apply for Mexican citizenship and passport.

A foreigner who marries a Mexican doesn't automatically get Mexican nationality, but they can apply for Mexican nationality after only 2 years instead of waiting longer. For example, a foreigner (not married to a Mexican) who applies for Mexican nationality on the basis of Mexican residence has to wait 5 years.

The citizenship is obtain by a Mexican at the age of eighteen. The citizenship is obtain by a Mexican at the age of eighteen The citizenship is obtain by a Mexican at the age of eighteen acordingly to

The citizenship process is very hard and long.

the parents will obviously give them citizenship since there citizens and its there child,

Yes, an American citizen may sponsor a same-sex Mexican spouse for a visa, permanent residency and, ultimately, citizenship.

== == If you are asking about a Mexican citizen trying to Immigrate to Canada, and being sponsored by a Canadian citizen, the answer is NO. All Immigrants to Canada have to apply from their HOME COUNTRY, and the process will take from 2 to 3 years to complete.

Marrying a U.S. citizen DOES NOT automatically grant the non-citizen citizenship or permanent resident rights. He will have to follow the procedures prescribed by the immigration laws., 1-800-375-5283.

There are not different time limits established for legal immigrants from different countries, the procedures are the same for each person, with the exception of a foreign national who qualifies as an asylee or refugee. Immigrants of any country who have entered the US illegally and not eligible for permanent residency or US citizenship. United States Citizenship and Immigration Services,

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