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It can if it grows a level. During the evolution process (only due to experience or friendship) you can press B to stop it. The only way to let your Pokemon evolve after that is to let it grow another level and don't press B. It is not possible for a Pokemon to evolve from experience after it reaches level 100.

2007-03-29 11:33:17
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What level does swellow evolve at Pokemon Ruby?

It does not evolve in Pokemon ruby. I am not sure but it might in later versions

Can a Pokemon evolve later if you made it stop evolving?

If you stop a Pokemon from evolving, it`ll try to evolve every level after that unless it`s holding an everstone.

How do you you eveole magmar?

you can evolve it diamond pearl platinum and later but Pokemon games before Pokemon emerald you can't. but to it evolve get a manimizer and give it to magmar and then trade it.

Will Ash's Buizel ever evolve in the Pokemon television show?

No one knows yet. It might evolve later in the series.

On pokemon who does Togepi evolve into?

It evolves into Togetic and then in later versions of Pokemon like Diamond/White it turns into Togekiss.

Who evolves by a ice rock on Pokemon?

No Pokemon can evolve from an Icy Rock in Pokemon Sapphire, Ruby, and Emerald. If you are talking about the later games like Pokemon Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum, the Ice Rock can evolve Eevee into a Glaceon.

Can you evolve misdreavus in Pokemon LeafGreen?

No, you cannot. You can evolve Misdreavus into Mismagius in Diamond/Pearl or later versions using a Dusk Stone.

How does Chespin evolve in Pokemon X and Y?

Chespin evolves into Quilladin starting at level 16.It will later evolve into Chesnaught at level 36.

What happens if you evolve a Pokemon without the national pokedex?

It depends on the Pokemon you're trying to evolve. While some Pokemon can evolve without any problems due to being in the regional Pokedex, other Pokemon (Golbat, for instance) won't evolve without the National Pokedex. Note that this is only the case in FireRed and LeafGreen - in later games, Pokemon not in the regional Pokedex will evolve, but won't be recorded until you get the National Pokedex.

What to do after you get the light stone on Pokemon Black and White?

I think that you can use it to evolve the right Pokemon. No it is accually going to be reshiram later in the game\

Were is a trainer with a monferno at in Pokemon platinum?

Either your rival (if you chose turtwig), or the professor's assistant (if you chose piplup). If your rival has it, you will find that your rival's Chimchar has evolved when you face him in a battle. If the professor's assistant has it, his/her Chimchar will evolve later in the game when you are facing someone with him/her in a double battle.

How does lickytung evolve?

Lickitung is a first generation Pokemon that gained an evolutionary step in later generations. It will now evolve into Lickilicky after it learns the move Rollout.

What level does Abra learn confusion in Pokemon Yellow?

Abra does not learn Confusion. You have to evolve it into Kadabra at level 16. If you evolve it later, it will not learn Confusion.

Does the Pokemon Deino Evolve?

Yes. It evolves at level 50 into Zweilous and later into Hydregon. You get him in victory road.

When does magmar evolve in Pokemon FireRed?

Magmar can not evolve into magmortar in Fire Red or any of the other gameboy games. Its ability to evolve was introduced in later DS games like diamond and pearl.

How does Fennekin evolve in Pokemon X and Y?

Fennekin evolves into Braixen starting at level 16.It will later evolve into Delphox once it reaches level 36.

How does Scatterbug evolve in Pokemon X and Y?

Scatterbug evolves into Spewpa starting at level 9. It will later evolve into Vivillon once it reaches level 12.

How do you get max happness on Pokemon HeartGold?

Give your Pokemon loads full of vitamins such as zinc and carbos. Also be sure that your Pokemon never leaves your party and occasionaly use it in battle. Another thing you can do, is go to the groomer in goldenrod city and get your Pokemon freshened up for a small fee to up it's happiness. After doing so, just level up your Pokemon. If you are doing this to evolve a Pokemon, It should evolve a couple levels later after doing the previous steps. Hope this helped.

What level does Onix evolve at?

Onix does not evolve at any level. If traded while holding a Metal Coat in Pokemon Gold or later, it will evolve into Steelix.You can't evolve an Onix by leve.l You have to let Onix hold Metal Coat and trade it, then it will evolve into Steelix.

Where do you get a Metal Jacket in Pokemon Platinum?

The metal coat, which is meant to evolve some Pokemon like onix, can be found in the later part of Iron Island.

What level does Squirtle evolve at?

Like the other two starter pokemon, at lvl 16 (and later on at lvl 32).

What Pokemon on Pokemon heart gold evolve with a shiny stone?

Togetic evolves with a shiny stone. So does roselia but you cannot get it till much later on in the game

Where can you find protector in Pokemon Ruby?

Nowhere! Protector is a hold item that evolve Rhydon into Rhyperior when get traded in later version

What level does pansage involve in Pokemon black or white?

Pansage does not have a level by which it evolves. It evolves by you giving it a Leaf Stone. Now there is 1 decision you have to make as there are advantages for both giving it to Pansage at a lower level or higher level. If you evolve a Pokemon at a lower level then they become stronger than a Pokemon that is evolved at a later level. If you evolve a Pokemon at a higher level, then before you evolve it you can get all the moves at a lower than if you evolve the Pokemon. For any further queries please refer to

Good team on Pokemon diamond just started?

Turtwig, Shinx, Starly, Bidoof. Later, evolve these Pokemon to be much stronger. Torterra, Luxray, Starraptor, Bibarel. :)