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If a Toyota Echo has no star wheel how do you retract the new brake shoes when replacing them?


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2015-07-16 18:16:19
2015-07-16 18:16:19

there is a self adjuster on the front shoe, you can open and the opposing part will retract towards shoe. There is also a rubber plug that will let you do the same with the drum on. Looks like an adjustment hole towards fron of backing plate.


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Remove the wneels then the drum retainer that holds the drum on while it is on the assy line. Then pull the drums off. If the shoes have worn into the drums you have to retract the shoes to let the drums come off. If they are sticking on the center, sometimes heat is required to get them loose.

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The rear brake shoes between the two cars are probably the same. Afterall they are both the same car, just with a different name, so I think that the brake pads are the same to go along with it.

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