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If a bottled Water is equals to 1 quart how many should I drink?

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February 28, 2013 11:29AM

"How much water should you drink in a day?" It depends on your activity level, age, size and gender. While the "drink eight glasses a day" myth has been around for a while, there's no evidence that eight glasses is optimal for normal people. Additionally, there's no direct biological need for straight water alone- you can get your water from any beverage or food source. It's possible then, that a healthy person could consume all of their fluid from milk, tea, juice, sports drinks and fruit- not requiring any plain drinking water. As long as you take care to consume enough fluids, especially if you are elderly, performing strenuous exercise, or in a hot region, you should be fine drinking however much you feel like drinking. While too much water can be fatal, you'd have to consume well over a gallon in a very short time (less than an hour) to be in a risky zone. Assuming you're healthy, your body would naturally send signals that you were full well before any dangerous region. Records of people who have died from drinking too much water indicate that it was as the result of some external pressure (a water-drinking contest or a fraternity hazing event) that caused the person to push themselves past their natural limits. So drink whenever you're thirsty, in a warm area, elderly or exercising. Drinking too much water by mistake is pretty much impossible for a healthy person. So hows it going everyone by the way my teacher told me that you need at least 10.5 glasses of water per day