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because he is too afraid of showing his feelings

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All girls are different, but if you want her to like you be nice to her, and talk like you talk with your best friend.

it might mean that he really likes you and he is shy, or he doesnt like you.

It is not necessary that he likes you. If the person is angry, then also he would not talk to you.

This basically means that he likes you, but he is shy and to get to know him better stop waiting for him to talk to you, and talk to him first. Sometimes guys have trouble showing their feelings and the girls have to make the first move. (:

Well If he is constantly picking on you he obviosly is just trying to find a reason to talk to you but doesnt wanna come off as freindly for fear that you may think he likes you (which he doesnt want you to know.) Also if you notice him always looking at you he probly likes you.

How often do you guys talk ? A guy always goes after the girl he wants, so if he's trying to make excuses to talk to you, he probally likes you. If he doesnt even look at you, its time to move on!

haha i know those kind of guys, it might mean he likes you but he is to shy to talk to you

Maybe he's shy,or maybe he's quite embarressed he likes you talk to him about it

if you think a girl doesnt like you just to be sure talk to her at a busy time where if she likes you she will stop and talk but if she doesnt she will get away from you fast hope this helps

he doesnt spend so much time with you and he always looks around he MIGHT also talk to you a bit differently

When a guy likes you he will always want to be around you, depending on the guy he may seem nervous or talk differently and in a softer voice around you, he will make any excuse he can to touch you, he will always be kind and nice to you and he will always put you above anyone else.

because he'll always just share at you and he would always wanna to talk 2 you and hear your voice..and he will tell you how nice-looking you are

If a boy likes you he will defiantly talk to he . yes he will be nice . and if he mean then you should know he dont mean it .

it means that if you likes u he might be shy but if he doesnt he just doesnt like u?

He probably likes you but is too embarrassed to say it. The other possible is that he hates you for some reason. But that is unlikely. If you like him then try to talk to him.

If she has told you that she likes you, and doesn't text or talk to you first it can mean that she is waiting for you to make the first move.

It means that they want to talk to you. no it doesnt, it mean she likes you

The first possible answer to know how he/she likes you is that he/she always talk with you and he/she always look at you. The second possible answer to know how he/she likes you is that he/she looks jealous when you talk to a different person instead to you. Also he/she will always talk about the times you had with them. And also when he/she is by you they always try to act funny and it seems that there not acting like themself.... that's normal. IN school He/she will always try to walk near you and talk to you. But when you talk to him/her they will pay attention and look right into your eyes.

If A Girl Likes You,You Can Tell Because She's Always Looking At You, Or Maybe She Likes You And You Guys Dont Really Talk.Maybe Because She's Shy To Talk To You Cause She Likes You.So Like If You Have Her In Your Class Try To Talk And Stuff. That Would Help Alot That's All I Have To Say GoodLuck! ;)

he doesnt talk to u cuz he has feelings for you and he afraid to approch you were his brother doesnt feel u like dat so its easier

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