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pupils will only get bigger if your in a dark room, if his eyes get bigger, hes checking you out

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Your pupil gets bigger to let more light into your eye so you can see better. When you are in the light, the pupil gets smaller to block out excess light.

The iris is the part of the eye that changes the pupil. When the iris makes the pupil smaller, less light gets into the eye. When the iris makes the pupil bigger, more light gets into the eye.

its not just parakeets its everyones eyes when light enters the eye the pupil doesnt get bigger its the color around the pupil that gets bigger or smaller the pupil is wut the light goes through. then it reflects againts the back of your eye and that's how you see things

if you did not have a pupil you wouldn't be able to see light. see light enters as the pupil gets smaller which allows more and more light to come in. and when the pupil gets bigger, then i woul say i Sucked my mommas titis

They change because when the cat is focusing on a specific object the pupil gets bigger to keep focus, when the pupil is a diamond shape that then means that the cat/kitten is not focusing on something particular

You pupil gets bigger in dim light. This helps allow more light to come into the eye.

As it gets darker, pupils get bigger. (They also get bigger when viewing something the person likes)

When the eye dilates, the pupil gets bigger and this allows the eye doctor look inside your eye and see if there are any problems or eye diseases in the eye.

Yes your pupil gets bigger to let in more light and get smaller to let in less light.

it gets bigger trying to obsorb as much light as possible

When a light is not shined into an eye the pupil contracts gets bigger because the eye needs all the light being presented to it. If the light is not taken away the pupil does not dilate. PS like the eye gets smaller in the light.

the pupil gets bigger in darkness to try and let more light in. stand in front of a mirror and covr ur eyes for 10 seconds in darkness and open them again in light. u can watch ur pupil get smaller because there's too much light. its really freaky.

When a light is shined into an eye the pupil contracts gets smaller because the eye doesn't need all the light being presented to it. If the light is taken away the pupil dilates. PS like the eye gets bigger in the dark.

each human has a black circle in there eye which is called a pupil,when someone is in the light the pupil does not need that much light so it gets smaller but if it is in a dark area the pupil gets bigger because the eye needs lots of light to indicate where the person is going

The black bit in you'r eye is called a pupil, the brown, green or blue bit around you'r pupil is called an iris.When you look into light you'r pupil gets smaller, but when you look into the dark you pupil get bigger.The reason for this is because you'r pupil is where you see out of, so when it is in the light you can see most things because there is a light and when it is dark you'r pupil gets bigger because you need to see more because it is darker and if you'r pupil was small at that time you would find it hare to see.

If they are looking at you they might love you because there is a fact that the pupil gets 45% bigger when it sees something pleasing.

Owls eyes are bigger than ours. Also, their iris gets bigger

To respond to light. Pupils get bigger as it gets dark to let more light in. As the environment gets brighter, and more light is let in the pupils contact and get smaller.

You have muscles in your eyes. The pupil widens when it needs more light, and gets smaller when it's in the dark. Your eyes need time to adjust.

the pupil gets smaller because there is an abundance of light present.

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