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This question gets a "whaaa??" In the U.S., such things are called "kickbacks" and are illegal unless documented (i.e. refund, money-back, etc.) Regardless of the circumstances, it would seem that the Buyer has alterior motives. Clarification would be required.

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Do sellers pay closing costs in Michigan?

Sellers should pay closing costs in Michigan. However, this is not a law by any means. Sometimes the sellers will offer to pay half, or they may expect the buyers to do it.

How long after your new house closes do the sellers have to move out?

This is something that can be discussed during the drafting of the initial contact papers. Typically, the sellers must be out by the closing date.

When will happen if the sellers in the market increase?

As the Number of Sellers Increases, the Supply of the commodity Increases. As Supply Increases, and demand remains constant, Prices Decrease.

When the price of a product rises and the total revenue of sellers increase?

You have an inelastic product.

What does a rapid increase in the population of a city or town is most likely to lead to what?

A sellers market.

A rapid increase in the population of a city or town is most likely to lead to which?

A sellers market

What is most likely to create a sellers market?

a rapid increase in the population of a city or town apppexxx :)

What would happen if there was a sudden increase in animal abandonment?

If that happend, pet sellers will increase the money a pet will cost to do if you'll really take care of them.

Who pays closing costs?

Mostly buyer pay closing cost.But Who pays for closing costs may vary depending on the location and the market. Requirements differ in each state and sometimes in each city. For example, sellers normally pay for title insurance in Los Angeles, while in San Francisco the buyer typically pays. In a buyer's market, sellers may opt to cover the costs just to have a better chance of getting closer to the price they want.

Is termite inspection and repair sellers responsibility?

It depends on the state law and what the closing documents state. You will need to consult with a real estate attorney in your state.

What sort of mechanism is used to rank the quality of buyers or sellers?

A reputation system is a popular way to rank buyers and sellers. If you buy an item from a seller and receive the item in good condition and in a timely matter, giving good feedback will increase a sellers reputation.

What is the value of a pfaff tipmatic 1151 sewing machine?

Sewing machine shops can sell this one for up to $599.00 private sellers a bit less. The shops can support the sale with warranty repairs.

When demand exceeds supply are there any instances where prices wouldn't be raised?

When demand exceeds supply, prices will usually increase. However, prices may not increase if the sellers are non-profit organizations.

Should rug sellers' increase the price of rugs due to the high demand?

If a product is in high demand, the chances are good that the seller of that product is going to increase the price. It is a basic principle of economics.

Who was Brandon sellers?

Brandon Sellers is!

Can your homeowner's insurance premium be included in closing costs?

Your homeowners insurance premium SHOULD be included in your closing costs. Now as far as asking the sellers to pay for it--you can ask them to pay for anything--it's up to them whether or not to.

What do sellers do if they expect the price of goods they have for sale to increase dramatically in the near future?

Store the goods until the price rises and then try to sell them.

Who is Henry tate and Abrham Lyle?

they where sugar makers and sellers they where sugar makers and sellers they where sugar makers and sellers they where sugar makers and sellers they where sugar makers and sellers Dont know if anyone has mentioned this yet but i believe they where sugar makers and sellers

When a binding price floor is imposed on a market to benefit sellers?

some sellers benefit and some sellers are harmed.

Why would sellers hold durable goods off the market during a period of inflation?

This is chiefly due to the illusion of money. By definition, inflation is an increase in the general price level. And durable consumer goods and goods that consumers are not likely to buy again for an extended period of time. Therefore, sellers believe that they will make more money if they sell the good when the prices are higher as to increase profit although this belief is offset by an increase in prices of all other goods.

How do you pay a real estate agent when you sell your house?

The seller pays a fee for service to the listing brokerage firm and selling brokerage at closing out if the sellers proceed. The agent is paid by their brokerage on a commission split with the firm.

Is there any way to add fee to the total loan amount?

I am not quite sure what the question exactly pertains to, as far as "fees". If by fees you mean closing costs then yes you can. In a purchase you can include your closing costs into the loan by getting what is known as a "sellers concession" Basically the closing costs are added to the purchase price and that is now the new purchase price. To do that first off you have to get the seller to agree to let you do that. Secondly the home must appraise for that amount. Say for eample you are buying a home for 100,000 your closing costs are 5,000. The new purchase price with a full sellers concession is 105,000 on the contract, on your mortgage and on the appraisal. The house must appraise for atleast 105,000, if it appraises for 100,000 then you can't do it. It has to be written in the contract and the seller must agree because they are conceding they could have sold the home for 105,000 but they are selling it for 100,000 and letting the buyer include their closing costs. Sellers concessions can cover all or half of the closing costs. In a refinance you can roll your closing costs into the refinance as long as your loan to value doesn't go over 100%, though some banks will go as high as 125% on your loan to value though I don't recommend it in most cases. Loan to value is your current debt on the home divided by its current market value. A home worth 100,000 with a 50,000 mortgage has a LTV of 50%.

When did Jonathan Sellers die?

Jonathan Sellers died in 1993.

When was Jonathan Sellers born?

Jonathan Sellers was born in 1983.

When did Frederic Sellers die?

Frederic Sellers died in 1979.