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YES, limited they may be BUT you DO have rights. First, you should get any personal property back that was in the car at time of repo. That PP was NOT covered by the security agreement. Next, you have rights as to how the lender sells the car. It must be sold in a "commercially reasonable" manner. That means the lender cant sell it to a cousin for $300.00 when its worth $3000.00. MOST lenders use a wholesale auction to sell the cars. In some states you have the right to buy the car at a public sale. The lender may get a judgment for the balance due after it is sold. You SHOULD attend that hearing. It will beyour only chance to convince the judge that you cant pay the balance.

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Q: If a car has been repossessed does the person that went into default have any rights?
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When a car is repossessed what do you do with the insurance?

When a car has been repossessed the person paying the insurance should cancel it.

What can you do legally if your camper has been repossessed without anyone notifying you?

Very little ! If you default on the payments, the finance company are quite within their rights to confiscate the vehicle. The camper does not become your property until you have made the final payment !

What are your rights in Washington State after your vehicle has been repossessed?

Pay for the car and get it back, or pay the deficiency after it has been sold.

Can a loan company in California have your car repossessed if you haven't been able to carry car insurance?

YES, if you are in DEFAULT of the contract (NO ins. coverage) they can repo.

Does having the title to a repossessed truck give you any legal rights?

NO, the truck probably has been sold already and the lender got a repossessed title to sell it with. Of course they do make mistakes. LOL

Can a title pawn sell your car after its been repossessed without telling you?

Yes. Once you default on your loan, it's their car. They're not obliged to tell you anything.

What should a person do if their Chapter 7 Bankruptcy has been discharged but a vehicle that was to be surrendered has not been repossessed by the bank?

A person immediately contact their lawyer to assist on issue.

Can a car be repossessed if you are late making the remainder of the down payment but have been on time making the car payment?

YES, making the down payment is part of the contract and you are in default on it.

Can you get your car back after it has been repossessed in the state of Iowa?

Yes, there are some instances that a person can get a repossessed car back in the state of Iowa. If the person pays all the money owed plus a repo fee, the car may be returned.

What do you do once your car has been repossessed?

I have a welding machine on the truck they repossessed can they keep that?

What are your options if your car was repossessed by your cosigner even though you have never been late on your payments?

Were you in DEFAULT of any other part of the loan contract?? INS?? Illegal activity?? ect??? If not, you have equal rights to the car. You can repo it back, let them keep it(probably best) OR call a local attorney for state specific laws.

Can your car be repossessed if your insurance incorrectly told the lender your policy had been cancelled?

IF the ins. co. told the lender the policy was canceled, then you were in DEFAULT and the lender will repo.The lender and the ins. co. will have to get that straightened out.

What are the rights of a person whose house has been repossessed?

Once your property has been taken by a foreclosure procedure you have no rights in the property. An exception would arise if the foreclosure procedure or the mortgage was found to be invalid. Those factors may become more an issue as the sub-prime mortgage crises evolves and lenders are sued for deceptive, fraudulent and outright illegal lending practices.

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no after he has been in jail he has lost all rights.

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Group rights are held by a group of people such as a council or board. Individual rights are held by one person and one person only. Historically group rights have been used to breach the rights of individuals.

In Utah can your wages be garnished for a car that was repossessed?

You do not owe money for a car if it has been repossessed, so your wages can't be garnished for that reason.

Can a motorcycle that has been taken apart be repossessed?

i heard u can

Can a cosigner have a car repossessed if the loan has been in arrears?


If a person has been together with another person for over 35 years what rights do they have?

You may have legal rights if you live in state that recognizes common law marriage. If not, you have no legal rights over your partner, their property or their estate.

Can you pay the late payment and get your car back within 14 days of it being repossessed?

In some states under some conditions, YES. It depends on how many times you have been late, repoed, in default, the terms of the contract you signed,ect.

Can a car be repossessed if the payment is due on the 15th and has not been paid until the 18th?

Chad, read your contract where it deals with DEFAULT and what makes you in default. Seems that for some reason, the lender did NOT believe the wire transfer was gonna make it. So to be sure they had something, they repoed. have you done anything to make them doubt that you would do whatever you tell them?? Good Luck

How soon can you buy a car after a car has been repossessed?

You can buy a car right after your car has been repossessed. It will however, depend on whether your credit is stable enough to qualify or if you have the cash to pay out of pocket.

What happens after court proceedings have been filed in Florida if you have little or no income and had the vehicle voluntarily repossessed?

You NEED to show up with proof of your little to no income. This is your chance to convince the lender that the chances of repayment are slim to none. If you dont show, they get a default judgement.

How long do you have to redeem your car in California after it has been repossessed?

10 days

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