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It depends on the contract you signed. Title loan places are not usually allowed to sue for deficiency balances. Everyone else will. so if you dont contact them, they will contact you. Interest is building up, your best option is to contact and try to set up a payment that you can pay. IF THAT APPLIES to the contract you signed. Good Luck

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How can you find out if your repossessed car was sold?

The lender should let you know, you can contact them and they should tell you.

What happens if your repossessed car is sold for more than you owed?

Randy, IF it sells for more than the unpaid balance, you should receive the excess.

Can you get your balance online?

Yes, with most banks. You should contact your bank for details.

What happens if you take to much ascorbic acid?

It is not likely to be dangerous, but a doctor should be contacted for precautions. yea you should contact a doc. and this dose not answer my question, i asked what will happen not what you should do.

How do you find out the balance of your probation fines?

Contact your probation officer. If you are off probation with an outstanding balance, simply call the office and ask. Likely as not, should the second scenario be, you will be contacted by a collection agency and they can give you the balance. However, if dealing with a collection agency, and you choose to pay them, keep meticulous records of your payments, and when you send your last payment, write this, "Paid In Full," on the endorsement portion of your check or money order.

When a car is repossessed what do you do with the insurance?

When a car has been repossessed the person paying the insurance should cancel it.

Whom should you contact if you find a foreign object in your food?

The manufacturer should be the first one contacted, unless you're dining out, in which case tell the restaurant manager first.

How do you claim your personal belongings from a car that has been repossessed and can the storage yard charge you for them?

* You have to contact the storage yard immediately. * If you have proof of ownership take it with you. (You might not need this.) * If you have proof that the car is registered in your name take that with you. * The storage yard should not charge you for holding your belongings if you have contacted them immediately. They might charge you some fee if they have to go to some trouble to get your belongings.

What are some professionals who should be contacted in child abuse cases?

In the event of child abuse, you should contact your local child welfare agency right away. You can get the contact number to your local agency online at the Child Welfare Government website.

A doctor should be contacted if a patient taking dapsone has what side effect?

A doctor should be contacted immediately if a rash develops.

Who should i call for unpaid over time in the workplace?

Have first contacted the management of your Company. If yes and no response, you can contact public compliant office in your state.

What should a person do if their Chapter 7 Bankruptcy has been discharged but a vehicle that was to be surrendered has not been repossessed by the bank?

A person immediately contact their lawyer to assist on issue.

What can be done about a bank that has contacted a person about a loan that is not listen on the loan?

The person contacted should inform the bank that they are not involved in this loan and that if the bank's information shows them as being involved then this would be identity theft. If the bank is trying to track down a person who signed for the loan but has defaulted or otherwise walked away from the debt, the person contacted should respond with the truth - either this person doesn't live here and I don't have contact information or with the contact information that the person has on the defaulter. If a bank is calling repeatedly after being told that the person being contacted has no information, this would be harassment and should be reported to either the police or the BBB.

Are you still liable to pay if the vehicle is repossessed?

You are still responsible for the balance of the contract, in addition to repossession, collection, and legal fees. Added to this can be transportation costs, storage costs, auction fees. The car should be sold and the sale amount deducted from your contract balance. What ever is left is called a deficiency balance and your are still liable for it. Keep in mind that most repossessed vehicles are sold at a substantial loss (much less than for what is owed) and the additional fees can result in a higher balance than the original payout on the vehicle.

Do creditors have the right to refuse monthly payments on a balance due on a repossessed car?

READ your contract. It should deal with that issue. If you meet the conditions set forth by the contract, YES, they can refuse.

Drugs found in repossessed car who is at fault?

You should discuss this with an attorney, but the investigation will likely center on the person it was repossessed from.

Your car was repossessed after being six months behind and then you get a call from the car dealer after two years trying to repossess the car are you still liable?

If the dealer calls you after the car has been repossessed, then you should inform them that you no longer have the car. They can contact the finance company to verify the information.

Can creditors call you at work in California?

Yes, but after the initial contact the debtor can request not to be contacted at his or her place of business. If the creditor/collector continues to contact the debtor at their place of employment they are breaking FDPA laws and should be reported.

How can one transfer their balance from a Discover card?

To transfer the balance from a Discover card, one needs a separate card to which the balance can be transferred. One should contact the provider of the other card to arrange the transfer.

How can you find out where your repossessed car is so you can retrieve your license plates?

Contact the dealership where the car was purchased. Their should be someone in the collections department that will know where your car is. It is probably in a tow lot.

How can you get a repossessed trailer removed off of your property?

Contact the company that has supposedly repossessed the trailer to pick up what they have yet to repossess. Contact your local clerk of court or magistrate to find out how long you should give them. If they exceed that period of time, file a storage lean. You will have to get more info on that from the clerk or magistrate as well. These laws are very general nationwide and very particular state and countywide.

i am a garranteor for some I need to know the balance?

You should contact the institution to check the blance. Have the account number ready.

How can a foreigner receive Army benefits when her husband dies?

If the military hasn't contacted you about this (which they should have), then you need to contact the US embassy in your country (if you're not in the US). If you are in the US, then you need to contact the post Judge Advocate General's office about this matter.

When should a doctor be contacted after a parotidectomy?

If the patient has difficulty smiling, winking, or drinking fluids, the physician should be contacted immediately. These are signs of facial nerve damage.

Long distance boyfriend hasn't contacted me in four weeks I love him but he won't talk anymore should I stop contacting him?

yes you should contact him and find out with him he might be having an affair with you now or dont now