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Q: If a car was not included in your bankruptcy but you later change your mind and decide to stop making payments can the lender have a judgment issues for the balance?
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We did not reaffirm our van in the bankruptcy and kept making payments if we surrender it to the bank are we liable for the balance after auction?

If you did not list it in your BK, you will be responsible for any outstanding balance that is not recouped in the auction. Yes. Secured property is not dischargeable in any bankruptcy filing. ------------------------------ If you included it in the bankruptcy, but just didn't reaffirm it, you won't be responsible for any balance.

What if someone did not reaffirm their car after they went bankrupt and missed four payments what will happen?

Your car will likely be repossessed if you did not sign a reaffirmation agreement. If it was included in the bankruptcy, but just not reaffirmed, however, a judgment can not be placed against you for past due amounts or any balance owed. They can, though, slap you with a repossession on your credit record.

I had filed for bankruptcy 2yrs ago and it was dismissed. I have a zero balance on a auto loan that shows on my credit report. Do I still have to make my car payments?

If you reaffirmed your car loan during your bankruptcy, you agreed to continue making the payments. If you included your car in the bankruptcy, then the loan was wiped clean, as it appears to have been according to your credit report. Your car should have been repossessed, but apparently wasn't. You should check with the lawyer who handled your bankruptcy, but my guess is that your car slipped through the cracks.

If you have an account that is showing negative and it was included in a bankruptcy can you have the negative account removed or does it stay there and count as two negatives?

The term negative is rather confusing. If the account did not have a balance it would not have been included in the bankruptcy. Any account included in a bankruptcy will remain on the report for the requred length of time, open accounts would be seven years, they will be marked included in bankruptcy. The BK accounts listing will remain for 10.

What is the difference between balance of trade and balance of payments Does balance of payments Does balance of payments?

it is good na dfavourable for an erconomy

What is included when calculating a country's balance of payments?

Balance of payments (BoP) accounts are an accounting record of all monetary transactions between a country and the rest of the world. They include payments for the country's exports and imports of goods, services, financial capital, and financial transfers.None of the following is included.

Balance of payments deficit?

A balance of payments deficit means there is an imbalance in the balance of payments of a country where the payments the country makes are more than the payments they received. It means the balance of payments is negative. A balance of payments deficit is,when government expenditure is more than government revenue

Do you have to get full auto coverage if you file bankruptcy?

If you're auto payment is included in your bankruptcy, then yes, they will require you to keep full coverage as long as there is a secured balance on the vehicle.

If a credit card is discharged in a bankruptcy should it still show a balance on a credit report?

It will remain on the report for the required length of time and should be marked "included in bankruptcy."

Does Brazil have a balance of payments surplus or deficit?

It has a balance of payments deficit.

Can a nation have a favorable balance of trade and an unfavorable balance of payments?

Yes, as the balance of trade is only one part of the balance of payments

How can a civil judgment be placed after bankruptcy Mortgage included in bankruptcy and after discharge bank filed civil judgment for amount of mortgage Can they do thid?

Assuming a Chapter 7 was filed, if you did not surrender the property to the bank, the bank would file for relief from stay and be able to pursue foreclosure. If you surrendered the property, the mortgage balance was discharged and the bank was in violation of the automatic stay. A notice of the bankruptcy should have been filed with the court the bank sued you in. You cannot ignore legal procedures taken against you after a discharge. You have to respond appropriately.

Should the balance of a creditor you filed chapter 7 on show zero on your credit report after it has been discharged?

No. Bankruptcy discharge does not mean the money isn't owed. It means that creditors cannot attempt to collect it. The money will always be owed. Accounts included in bankruptcy will stay on the cr marked included in bankruptcy, for the full seven years.

Does the balance of payment always balance?

International Balance of Payments

Must you pay off your bankruptcy balance when you refinance your mortgage?

It depends on how your mortgage / bankruptcy interaction works. If you are making plan payments and arrears are included in the plan, it can require some re-figuring. You should contact an attorney. Speak with an attorney about your specific situation. If you can not find an attorney, contact your local Bar association and they will refer you to one.

What does it mean to have a surplus on the balance of payments?

Surplus on the balance of payments is the rise of money in the country; it is the amount of imports they get.

If you filed for bankruptcy would the cosigner of your auto loan be forced to take over payment?

The answer is that the cosigner would be left responsible for taking over the payments. If the cosigner wants to maintain his or her credit rating (which is probably damaged due to your filing bankruptcy), If the consignor does not want the auto loan people to sue for any remaining balance, then he or she will need to keep making the payments. If the auto loan company sues for any remaining balance and gets a judgment, then the auto loan company will go after the assets of the consignor and or garish their earnings. attempt o seize their assets or garnish their earnings.

What happens to your savings and checking accounts when filing bankruptcy if you are discharging the bank's credit card in the bankruptcy?

the banks credit card and your checking savings accounts are different. if you file bankruptcy they will check your available balance to see if you can make partial payments towards your creditors. only the IRS or government can freeze your accounts.

Describe the salient features of India's Balance of payment?

Features of Balance of Payments Balance of Payments has the following features: (i) It is a systematic record of all economic transactions between one country and the rest of the world. (ii) It includes all transactions, visible as well as invisible. (iii) It relates to a period of time. Generally, it is an annual statement. (iv) It adopts a double-entry book-keeping system. It has two sides: credit side and debit side. Receipts are recorded on the credit side and payments on the debit side. (v) When receipts are equal to payments, the balance of payments is in equilibrium; when receipts are greater than payments, there is surplus in the balance of payments; when payments are greater than receipts, there is deficit in the balance of payments. (vi) In the accounting sense, total credits and debits in the balance of payments statement always balance each other.

If a car is repossessed and sold at auction for less than the amount owed to the lender will filing bankruptcy discharge the remaining balance if it has been reduced to judgment?

It depends on the chapter. In either case, your remaining debt is now unsecured and a bankruptcy filing places the judgment on hold. If it is Chapter 13, file a claim and you may receive a percentage of the bankruptcy estate, but not usually until near the end of the bankruptcy term (3-5 years). If it's a Chapter 7, again, it's an unsecured debt and highly unlikely that the debtor will sign a reaffirmation to pay you back. If the bankruptcy gets dismissed (thrown out), your judgment is back in force, provided it has not expired.

What are two things that are included in your monthly mortgage payment?

Interest and a portion of the principal balance. Often banks will escrow your insurance and tax payments as well.

How does balance of trade differ from balance of payments?

Balls and weiners!

Effect of persistent deficit in balance of payments?

A persistent deficit in the balance of payments leads to an individual not paying their way. Society as a whole can get into a deficit when many people are defaulting on payments.

What consequences are there for not paying your credit cards?

1. Bad credit score. 2. Higher interest rate for card balance payments. 3. Late payment penalties. 4. Collection and legal fees added to balance. 5. Lawsuit for debt collection, including legal fees and costs, and statutory interest added to your balance. 6. If judgment not paid within (usually) 30 days, more legal procedures and fees to collect on the judgment, plus statutory inerest. 7. Really bad credit score. File bankruptcy and avoid all this. Debt consolidation will NOT prevent any of thses things.

What is balance of payment of Pakistan 2011?

Balance of payments in pakistan in 2011

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