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If you're 18, you're a legal adult and can do what you like.

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Q: If a child in Kentucky reaches the age of 18 however is still in school can they move out of there home without parental consent?
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What happens if a 16 year old moves in with her 18 year old boyfriend in his apartment without parental consent Can they get married?

She can be classified as a run away and be brought back home by the authorities until she reaches the age of majority. It is 18 in most states, but there are variances. No, they cannot get married without parental consent until she is 18.

How does one go about giving up parental rights in Ky?

Parental rights can only be taken away in Kentucky if it is proven that the parent is unfit. Child support will still need to be supplied until the kid reaches an age where he could be declared an adult.

Can a minor legally purchase a vehicle without parental consent?

{| |- | No, they cannot. Until the minor reaches adulthood they cannot sign a contract to buy a vehicle. Someone must co-sign for the vehicle and agree to be responsible. |}

What is the legal ages for dating?

There are no legal age requirements for dating. Until a person reaches 18, or the age of majority, they must have parental permission for all social activities, including dating. Age of consent is only an issue when sex is involved. The legal age of consent varies depending on the state/country.

How can a 16-year-old move out without parental consent in Indiana?

The 16-year-old is under the supervision of his or her parents until he or she reaches the age of legal majority which is 18. Indiana does not have grounds nor procedures for the emancipation of a minor.

Can a 17-year-old drop out of high school in Massachusetts?

In the US, any student wishing to leave school before he or she reaches the age of majority for the state in which they reside must have parental consent. The age of majority for Massachusetts is 18.

Can a 17-year-old girl move in with the 18-year- old father of her baby without parental consent in Ohio?

There is no Emancipation in Ohio. Which means that the parents decide up until the minor reaches 18 or graduates from high school.

Can a pregnant 16-year-old leave home without parental consent in North Carolina?

No. Pregnancy does not automatically confer a change the status of a minor. The minor is still in the custody of her parents until she reaches the age of majority or a court rules otherwise.

What is are the laws for a 17 year old boy dating a 15 year old girl in Kentucky?

It is legal for them to date, but when he turns 18 then it's illegal until she reaches the 'age of consent' in that particular state (CAUTION: All states vary).

If a 16 year old has a child can they move out without parental consent?

It depends on where you live. Whether or not they have a child, they are still in their parents custody until the teenager reaches the age of independance, as established by your state. Most states give that independance at 18, but some are 16 or 17.

Can children be reunited back with a parent if parental rights have been involuntarily terminated?

Once the child reaches eighteen years they can reunite if they wish.Once the child reaches eighteen years they can reunite if they wish.Once the child reaches eighteen years they can reunite if they wish.Once the child reaches eighteen years they can reunite if they wish.

When do parental rights stop in the US?

Parental rights terminate when they are terminated by a court order, when a legal guardian is appointed by the court, if the child becomes legally emancipated, or when the child reaches the age of majority, usually eighteen.

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